Pop go The Parakeets

The Parakeets – “Shangri La” mp3

My mp3 sleuthing hero, Superfan, has been posting some lovely Northern Soul tracks lately from the Twirl Records compilations. Released digitally now for all to enjoy, these 45’s were long the domain of crate digging fanatics and collectors exclusively. From Volume 6 of this mother lode of gems, “Shangri-La” by The Parakeets has all the elements: rich, sugary string section parts, doo-wop style harmonys, a sincere and plaintive lead vocal, and even that abrupt fade at the end which so many record producers favored at the time. Pure uncut vintage pop.

The Parakeets
“Shangri-La” (mp3)
from “Twirl Records Story Volume 6”
(Twirl Records)

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Author: Eric Din

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