What in Tarnation is a Bitter Rose?

Paula Frazer and Tarnation – “Bitter Rose” mp3

Here’s another Stellar track from Paula Frazer and Tarnation. I don’t know of another artist who brings such a fresh take on American country roots music, making a contemporary sound while quoting freely from any period or region of their choosing. Singer Frazer also happens to be a superb lyricist, a modern urban poet with old school songwriting chops, making them a potent creative force. I recently posted “Sleeping Dreams”, also from this  record, which has this Superfan’s highest recommendation. “Now It’s Time” is the first full length from this beloved San Francisco band in a decade, and it is a major, beautiful work. Enjoy.

Paula Frazer and Tarnation
“Bitter Rose” (mp3)
from “Now It’s Time”
(Birdman Records)

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