Oscar “Buddy” Woods – “Don’t Sell It, Don’t Give It Away”

Oscar ‚ÄúBuddy‚Äù Woods was a musical genius. The original master collaborator, a member of the first mixed-race country blues group and¬†a pioneer of the lap-steel-bottleneck blues. “Don’t Sell it, Don’t Give it Away”¬†is considered¬†Woods’ signature tune ‚Äî an upbeat good old-fashioned break-up¬†song that makes you want to dance.¬†He achieves¬†equal parts blues-y lyrics¬†to catchy melody by¬†inserting instrumental solos between¬†his verses. Oscar Woods¬†composed music¬†through the end of the Harlem Renaissance and through Prohibition, which makes Woods unique¬†in that he achieved musical greatness during¬†a period in history that was hard on musical freedom.¬†

¬†Oscar” Buddy” Woods – “Don’t Sell It, Don’t Give It Away” (mp3)