Oddisee’s Odyssey to make Hip-Hop cool again

Oddisee – “Hip Hop’s Cool Again”

Oddisee makes a bold statement indeed on “Hip Hop’s Cool Again” but he backs it up! This is a highly personal statement, but one that anyone with a little imagination can relate to. Boasting is nothing new to hip-hop, but it is so often dreary and empty, some fool yelling I’m the sh!t, mine’s bigger, blah blah. But when it’s done right, boasts can be righteous, entertaining, life affirming and fun. Such is the case here. This is great track and I’m picking up the CD.

“Hip Hop’s Cool Again” (mp3)
from “Mental Liberation”
(Mello Music Group)

Need more!

Was turned onto this by one of my fave MP3 4U sources, 16:20 EST. Browse his mp3 discoveries if yr down with a gr8 combo of hip-hop, electronic dance, trance, old skool rave and dancehall from around the world. He’s a badass, and if you don’t get the name, do the math – what is 16:20 Eastern Standard Time? Work with me, people.