Never Mind The Botox

What is pop music for, if it isn’t for pushing the boundaries of sexual stereotypes, gender roles and other things we can have fun with at night, and deconstruct in college classes in the morning? Swiss boarding school escapees Sawoff Shotgun – Susanna aka Lola Python, Sonia aka Bess Brown and Monica aka Kala Bebe – have a debut album to be reckoned with in ‘Never mind the Botox, here comes the Sawoff Shotgun.’ The icy-hot sexy-funny electro-trash single “Stereosexuality” is bound to be downloaded and enjoyed a bazillion times and in as many positions.

Sawoff Shotgun
“Stereosexuality” (download mp3)
from “Never Mind the Botox, Here Comes the Sawoff Shotgun”
(sevenahalf records)

Stereosexuality (play)

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