Names of Stars ask the time honored existential question, “What Is This Place”

Names of Stars – “What Is This Place” mp3

Nice fluffy pop clouds of fluffiness, fluffily fluffed in a shiny candy wrapper. The emo equivalent of a strawberry milkshake on a hot summer day surrounded by tanned and pleasantly medicated young bodies. Good clean fun. Nice big recording, reminds happily of The Smiths, The Cure, and other deliciously depressing 80’s pop confectioners, with some contemporary spices which save it from sounding out of date.  Names of Stars slips off the buffet table of smartpop, flips and twirls thru three decades, before landing gracefully like a cat on all fours in 2010. Did I really just write that? I did. Lovely song, checkit out 🙂

Names of Stars
“What Is This Place” (mp3)
from “Names of Stars”
(Names of Stars)
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