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I told myself I’d stop posting one great song a day, on whatever day I can’t find a gr8 song to post! I posted 365 songs in 2009, and another 365 in 2010. Those sites live on, for anyone who wants to enjoy the wonderful tracks and artists that I discovered over the last two years. The mainstream music industry is a joke, but the indie music world is beautiful and creatively thriving. That is why I encourage you to buy some music from the artists that I post, if you enjoy the works that they generously share for free. Every song I post has a “More!” link, which you can follow to buy some more tracks or the whole album. This is how you can make a difference to the artists and labels, encourage their creativity, and make the world a better place for music lovers everywhere.

Pandora For New Music

Fun Fun Fun announces the creation of a new site, MP34U.fm. The site streams music found by Fun Fun Fun music bloggers.  These MP3 bloggers find brilliant new music they love and write a brief description about why they have posted the song. You can have a “Pandora experience,” except it’s new exciting music recently found on the Internet. The genres include Ska, Reggae, JamDub, Electronic, Metal, Hip Hop, and more. All the music at this site is legal and free for download.

For Jennie

Devotchka – “Too Tired (play/download)

Life isn’t for everyone. Some people escape life through a bottle, or a pipe, or a needle. Jennie decided to escape by taking her own life. Jennie was just too good of a person to deal with how unfair life is. She couldn’t live in a world where some babies are born from 15 year-old mothers on crack, but one mile away a child is born with their grad-school tuition already in the bank. She was kind to everything in her life. She was the friend who would gladly take you to the airport at 4 AM. If it was your birthday Jennie would bake you a 3-level jungle-scene cake. When Jennie died she was my best friend. But she use to be my girlfriend. When we broke up I gave her this Devotchka song. She told me, “Intense! I listened to it 4 times in a row.” Now I give it to you because it poetically and beautifully sums up why Jennie was meant for something better then this world.

Memphis All Stars – “Good Man Down” (mp3)

Memphis All Stars – “Good Man Down” (play)

This is some clean blues from the cold heart of Memphis TN. Not all that primitive, more like Motown blues. Pretty refreshing considering all the other metal, rap and more contemporary-leaning spazzoid content I put up on here. Enjoy.

Memphis All Stars
“Good Man Down” (mp3)
from “Blues Train”

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Ma Rainey’s blues live on forever

Lately I have been diggin’ thru the crates at publicdomain2ten, finding some amazing old gems. K, so they’re not “crates” but the mp3s there are from gr8 old vinyl 78s and early, early 45s. Ma Rainey was part of a select few – the first generation of recording artists in history. Nowadays you get a recording studio when you buy a Mac. Back then by comparison, there were only a handful of recording devices in the world. One of them recorded this remarkable performance by “The Mother of the Blues,” Ma Rainey, who was also one of the first professional blues singers. By now, her influence is far too widespread to accurately measure. Have a listen.

Ma Rainey – “Slave To The Blues” mp3

The Poets of Rhythm – “Ham Gallery”

If you don’t know about the Poets of Rhythm, let me introduce you. “Ham Gallery,” a truly funky funk instrumental, is this week’s Mp3 Jackpot Winner. Formed in Munich, Germany by a couple of friends who were blown out by funk in the 60’s /70’s and went on to form the Poets, they have been making some gr8 funk recordings ever since.

The Poets of Rhythm
“Ham Gallery” (mp3)
(Quannum Projects)

Need more!

The Poets of Rhythm – “Ham Gallery”

Son Of Pete – “Mankind” mp3

This song from the extraordinary conceptual music/art pioneer Son of Pete is intellectual novelty at its best. It has a message that is so simple but true that it should be hailed as truly international patriotism. The human species should embrace this as their anthem.