The Beth Custer Ensemble: “The Empire of the United States”

Loaded with various brass and woodwind instruments, this subtle and funky piece rocks out all charkas. Charles Mingus meets Laurie Anderson meets Bootsy Collins.  I keep hearing new things every time I spin this one.  Give it a shot.  Clarinetist/vocalist Beth Custer and friends speak truth to power:

The Empire of the United States

Leftöver Crack: “Gang Control”

Rip-snortin’ anarchist-ska-punk from folks who mean it, the talented yet punked-out Leftöver Crack!

As Din2ten recently chimed in on facebook regarding this one… “[t]here’s punk ska and there’s punk ska. This is the mostest punkest punk ska ska punk that ever punked a ska. A brutacious anthem.”

True, true!

Leftover Crack – “Gang Control (play/download mp3)