Sidesteppin’ to La Paloma

Sidestepper – “La Paloma”

Another sure-fire hit for the party mix! This track is packed full of so much good musical fun it’s hard to break it down, but, think post-Fela Afro-Beat horns, sweet call and answer Spanish vocals, an unstoppable beat and some dubby rhythm section work reminiscent of the best David Byrne / Brian Eno collaborations. Or you could just say this music is fresh air for the soul. Thumbs up for this outstanding record outta Bogota, Colombia. And a tip o’ the ska hat to Din for another great link.

“La Paloma” (mp3)
from “The Buena Vibra Sound System”
(Palm Pictures)

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(Mikey) Dread at the Controls!

Mikey Dread – “Operators Choice”

Mikey Dread! Need I say more? If ya don’t know, he’s the guy that brought dub into punk via the Clash in the late 70’s, and that’s just the tip o’ the iceberg on this gentleman’s amazing creative career. Download and dub out. Pick up his albums, they’ll improve your life! I know, it worked for me. It’s like, buy therapy for 150 bux an hour, or buy a few Mikey Dread records! Either way, ya feel better. Guess which one is cheaper. Results may vary.

Mikey Dread
“Operators Choice” (mp3)
from “African Anthem”
(Dread at the Controls)

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Sugar is sweet, Minott is sweeter!

Sugar Minott – “Dreader Than Dread”

Anyone who knows Jamaican music knows Sugar Minott is a key figure, and has been for decades.  Apart from his extensive and highly influential discography, he’s also a top live draw, and he runs a school for the youth to learn up what he knows about music, the business, and life.  With that be enough? Thank you. A heavy weight in every regard, with music that is truthful and uplifting – a priceless combination. I’m huge fan and I’m proud to introduce you to this great artist if ya don’t know already! “Dreader Than Dread” from the “Ghetto-ology + Dub”album. Superfan sez pick it up.

Sugar Minott
“Dreader Than Dread” (mp3)
from “Ghetto-ology + Dub”

(Easy Star Records)
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JBB’s Reggae Jam Band love affair

John Brown’s Body – “Give Yourself Over”

Rooted in classic reggae, yet crackling with contemporary sounds from top to bottom, this uplifting track by John Brown’s Body is a joyous outcry of defiance against inertia and apathy. There is little doubt where these Ithaca, NY gentlemen are coming from: they LOVE reggae, serving up their modernized version with reverence and an exuberance that can’t be denied. They can really play their instruments too – refreshing in a genre largely given to pure digital productions of late. The rhythm section is tight behind the vocals, the horn parts are dub glorious, and a jazzy guitar solo near the end tips their hand as equal part jam band. Good summertime music if I ever heard any.

John Brown’s Body
“Give Yourself Over” (mp3)
from “Amplify”
(Easy Star Records)

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