Bim Skala Bim Skala Bim-@h!

Bim Skala Bim – “Hardest Of The Parts”

Ska from Boston? Boston, MA? Why yes, Dorothy. Stranger things have happened. Bim Skala Bim was in fact, part of a small wave of dedicated American ska bands that formed in the early 80’s, shortly after the two-tone era ended. Along with The Toasters, The Uptones, Fishbone, the Untouchables and a few other notables, Bim brought ska to another generation and opened the road for bands like Less Than Jake and Reel Big Fish. This one’s for the rude boys and girls. Keep on skankin’. Yeah, you know Superfan is modded up, I may even visit the Ska Shrine one day.

Bim Skala Bim
“Hardest Of The Parts” (mp3)
from “Krinkle”
(Beatville Records)

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Doing the Ska on Eastern Standard Time

Eastern Standard Time – “Tick Tock”

Shwweeeet up-tempo instrumental ska from E.S.T. baybee. Man, these guys can REALLY play! Ska music has become a very wide genre umbrella, ranging from punky 3rd wave stuff all the way to jazzy ska like this outstanding track.

Eastern Standard Time
“Tick Tock” (mp3)
from “Second Hand”
(Beatville Records)

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Be Still My Skanking Heart!

Ministry Of Ska – “Skaty”

How much do I love this record cover? How much do I love this record? Old school ska sounds of Brixton come through loud and clear on this tasty instrumental. The Ministry Of Ska, taking care of important business.

Ministry Of Ska
“Skaty” (mp3)
from “Rarin to Go”
(Future Legend Records)

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The Upbeat kicks some Backyard Knowledge

The Upbeat – “Sitting On The Hill”

It’s hard to fathom that reggae was a new form of music in the late 60’s and early 70’s. It has since taken root in pretty much every country in the world, even remote outposts like Carpinteria, CA. Tucked on the Pacific coast, 12 miles south of Santa Barbara, a group of rocker headz practices their craft – writing, recording and performing reggae music with love and dedication. There’s an ocean, nightclubs, studios, and plenty of ganja. So why not? Here’s a slice of their world view.

The Upbeat
“Sitting On The Hill” (mp3)
from “Backyard Knowledge”
(Chupee Records)

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Uptones rallying cry, Skankin’ Foolz Unite!

The Uptones – “Skanking Fool”

I heard part of the lead off track from this record when I found this vid on the YouTubes:

Then had to get the whole album for a major ska fix. This is two-tone turned up to 11!

The Uptones
“Skanking Fool” (mp3)
from “Skankin’ Foolz Unite!”
(Fun Fun Fun Records)

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Sugar is sweet, Minott is sweeter!

Sugar Minott – “Dreader Than Dread”

Anyone who knows Jamaican music knows Sugar Minott is a key figure, and has been for decades.  Apart from his extensive and highly influential discography, he’s also a top live draw, and he runs a school for the youth to learn up what he knows about music, the business, and life.  With that be enough? Thank you. A heavy weight in every regard, with music that is truthful and uplifting – a priceless combination. I’m huge fan and I’m proud to introduce you to this great artist if ya don’t know already! “Dreader Than Dread” from the “Ghetto-ology + Dub”album. Superfan sez pick it up.

Sugar Minott
“Dreader Than Dread” (mp3)
from “Ghetto-ology + Dub”

(Easy Star Records)
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The Uptones – “East Of A Western Bay” mp3

An early instrumental work by Berkeley’s Ska music pioneers, The Uptones, this ebullient punk ska jazz opus was penned by the Rev. Paul Jackson. Originally on trumpet duties at the time of the band’s founding, Jackson soon moved to Hammond Organ and before long became one of their key songwriters. “East Of A Western Bay” is the lone instrumental cut from “The Uptones Live!! 924 Gilman” CD, and it rocks.

The Uptones – “East Of A Western Bay” mp3