The Ladybug Transistor Is “Always On The Telephone” And So Can You

More Ladybug Transistor. What a delicious sound these guys make. And what’s not to love about a band whose name evokes the fact that old school electronic transistors resemble ladybugs? What is cuter than a ladybug? This track is purty. I was on the train the other day and noticed that every single passenger was using their little i-Thingys. Then I noticed I was too. Always on the telephone. We need like, a volcano or aliens or something.

The Ladybug Transistor
“Always On The Telephone” (download mp3)
from “Can’t Wait Another Day”
“Always On The Telephone” (play)
(Fortuna POP!)
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U Can’t Keep Amy LaVere Here

Songs fall into three categories: Songs about finding love, songs about leaving what is no longer love, and songs about everything else. Amy LaVere‘s leaving song is full of clever lines, plenty of bile, and pretty trumpets. It’s very pop, for singer-songwriter-y fare, and she has a sweet and sincere voice.

Amy LaVere
“You Can’t Keep Me” (download mp3)
from “Stranger Me”
“You Can’t Keep Me” (play)
(Archer Records)
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“Breaking Up On The Beat” Again With The Ladybug Transistor

OMG OMG OMG a new Ladybug Transistor record!! Life just got more awesome. This was released ten minutes ago on the Fortuna POP! label, and it is EXACTLY what I needed this morning. I have been a Ladybug Transistor fan since their first album in the mid-90’s helped me through school and various other travails. They are close to my heart, so I am very glad to report, their latest effort is as beautiful as I’d hope. There’s as much love and care put into every part and every sound, as there is to the composition and lyrics. Understated yet marvelously expansive. I’d stop gushing, but I can’t. Listen to this, pick up the album, see ’em on tour. This is GR8 talent, forget about that stupid karaoke game show. Bye now.

The Ladybug Transistor
“Breaking Up on the Beat” (download mp3)
from “Clutching Stems”
“Breaking Up On The Beat” (play)
(Fortuna POP!)
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The Black Sorrows’ Very Rich “Poor Boy Blues”

Here’s a song so distinctly American you’d never guess from hearing it, the band is from Australia. “Poor Boy Blues” is a single from The Black Sorrows’ critically acclaimed “Beat Club” album. It’s a haunting, soaring performance, beautifully recorded. A GR8 find, check it out.

The Black Sorrows
“Poor Boy Blues” (download mp3)
from “Beat Club”
“Poor Boy Blues” (play)
(Head Records)
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Re-Living a Misspent Youth with Storm Warning

Of the basic themes of blues music, debauchery is one of my favorites. I get to re-live my own “misspent” youth through the songs of bluesmen new and old. I mean going back to the beginning of blues, it’s been booze, broken hearts, meet Satan at crossroads, rinse, repeat. I wouldn’t re-spend my youth any other way. Storm Warning, m’dears, a fine UK electrified blues band, with a cut off their brand new “Strategy” album. Enjoy responsibly.

Storm Warning
“Misspent Youth” (download mp3)
from “Strategy”
“Misspent Youth” (play)
(Lightnin’ Fingers)
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Shannon Curtis Shines Bright on “Brightest Light in the Room”

Shannon Curtis has a record called “I play the piano and sing love songs.” This here is the title track from another record, “Brightest Light in the Room,” but I mention this because she plays piano and sings love songs, very well indeed. This lovely original ballad manages to feel utterly sweet and sincere, without feeling sappy in the least. It’s a joy to listen to, with tastefully contemporary production and inspired vocal harmonies all woven into a tidy arrangement. Quality singer-songwriter fare, which I predict will make the Pop playlist at Plenty of honey, a little sugar, no saccharine.

Shannon Curtis
“Brightest Light in the Room” (download mp3)
from “Brightest Light in the Room”
“Brightest Light In The Room” (play)
(Saint Cloud Records)
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Wheeler Brothers’ Sweet Musical “Portraits”

My, time does fly when we are having fun. It’s sunny and warm in Northern Cali, days fretted with lemonade and water slides. Here’s a twangy singer-songwriter-y deelight that goes well with frolicking barefoot on cool grass. The Wheeler Bro’s are actually brothers (3 of them) who with their mates in Austin, Texas, sing and pluck their gitfiddles and carry on like a real live band. I applaud this of course.

Wheeler Brothers
“Portraits” (download mp3)
from “Portraits”
“Portraits” (play)
(Bismeaux Records)
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Swimming In Virginia Plane’s “Aquarium”

Singer-songwriter music and its most singer-songwritery. Quirky saddish melancholy poetic lyrics, sincerely and plaintively delivered over a bed of jangly indie pretty rock fishies. Yes. Very lovely flower arrangement in this “Aquarium.”

Virginia Plane
“Aquarium” (download mp3)
from “Virginia Plane”
(Two Sheds Music)
“Aquarium” (play)
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Mark Davis Eliminates The Toxins

Hmm. What an odd and lovely piece. A self-help and life-coaching book distilled into a warm little indie rock song. Catchy and intriguing. I’m listening a few times, getting a plot line, but also just enjoying the other-ness of this. Very personal, singer-songwriter-y stuff, this is not “Pop” in any known way. But then, these days, what is? Original and brave work from Edmonton’s Mark Davis.

Mark Davis
“Eliminate the Toxins” (download mp3)
from “Eliminate the Toxins”
(Saved by Radio)
“Eliminate The Toxins” (play)