Ghost Knife’s “Soft Bullets” Hit The Spot

Soft bullets, what a good idea. What good are hard bullets? They cause such problems. And as Jesse Michaels once sang in Operation Ivy, “once it’s fired no one can control it.” Yes. These soft ones are also punk rock. In the finest tradition of 999, The Damned and the like, Ghost Knife punks out proper and hurls “Soft Bullets” right at your heart. Feels good. I like it.

Ghost Knife
“Soft Bullets” (download mp3)
from “Kill Shelter, Yes!”
“Soft Bullets” (play)
(End Sounds)

All I Want’s My Baby, A Bottle, and The Real Nasty

“She was bad, I was good,” explains Ryan Lucas, singer songwriter with the Real Nasty. The Real Nasty is real nasty. Their songs are about the finer things in life: Drinking, doing drugs, having sex, having sex while doing drugs and drinking – and the like. Far from lurid or obscene, they make it all sound very wholesome. And their guitars sound soo good.

The Real Nasty
“Baby and a Bottle” (download mp3)
from “Dirty Dollars”
“Baby And A Bottle” (play)
(Ninth Street Opus)

Fighting Kites Pay Musical Tribute To “Wojtek the Bear”

Bears are good. Indie rock bands and song titles with “bear” in them are extra good. Songs about a Syrian brown bear cub found in Iran and adopted by soldiers of the 22nd Artillery Supply Company of the Polish II Corps are extra super good. And that’s what we have here, by the Fighting Kites. Proggy fab instrumental weirdness, with guitars reminiscent of Tom Verlaine and Robert Fripp. Snuggly, but dangerous.

Fighting Kites
“Wojtek the Bear” (download mp3)
from “Split EP”
“Wojtek The Bear” (play)
(Audio Antihero)
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Freedom Hawk Drops A Mighty “Thunderfoot”

Is it just me or does the lead singer of Freedom Hawk sound like Ozzy, post Black Sabbath? You know I like my metal heavy, big and gnarly, with lots of gnarls. Wussified cookie monster child’s play this is not. On the very totally baddass Small Stone Records label. Go forth and bang thy head.

Freedom Hawk
“Thunderfoot” (download mp3)
from “Holding On”
“Thunderfoot” (play)
(Small Stone Records)

Disguised As Birds Wipe Black Circles From Their Eyes To Rock Another Day

People start rock bands. They start them, and they practice, and write songs, and rock out. They do this for fun, and whatever else motivates them – generally the hope of applause and fame and money and great boatloads of sex. Why not? Disguised As Birds are an indie rock band, caterwauling their message over crashing iron waterfalls of guitars, bass and drums. They’re from Milwaukee, WI. They make a lot of beer in Milwaukee, too. Which is convenient, because so much rock and roll is made by young men ingesting vats of the stuff. The beat goes on. “Black Circles” is the title track from this new EP, just out on Phratry Records. I loves it, yes I do.

Disguised As Birds
“Black Circles” (download mp3)
from “Black Circles – EP”
“Black Circles” (play)
(Phratry Records)

Kasey Anderson and The Honkies See The Wrong Light And It’s So Right

I must say I am excited about this release from Kasey Anderson and The Honkies. These southern basement rockers love them some rock and roll, and badly. Except, they are not really southern, unless we’re talking about southern Portland, Oregon maybe, or perhaps the south end of a blood and sweat stained steel guitar. This is the southern rock meets northwest grunge apocalypse with tape echo. The shit is gnarly. That’s high praise. Download and git down low.

Kasey Anderson and The Honkies
“The Wrong Light” (download mp3)
from “Heart Of A Dog”
“The Wrong Light” (play)
(Red Parlor Records)
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East Bay Ray Raises The Stakes Again

Ah, East Bay Ray, famed Dead Kennedy and innovator of surf punky guitar madness, is back in a new group bearing his name. This is good for the universe. So what does it sound like? Like a guy from the Dead Kennedys, playing guitar in a new band called East Bay Ray and The Killer Smiles! I mean it sounds exactly like that. Killer. I’m smiling.

East Bay Ray and The Killer Smiles
“Raising the Stakes” (download mp3)
from “East Bay Ray and The Killer Smiles”
“Raising The Stakes” (play)
(MVD Audio)
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Gore Gore Girls, “Casino”

Harnessing sheer rock power for the forces of good, the Gore Gore Girls strut their stuff with boldness and attitude, throwing down dirty grooves and instigating scenes of libertine abandon in nightclubs around the world – and it’s not just because they’re hot; although, their music is hot. “Casino” is off their latest album, Get To The Gore. Fans of Detroit’s never-dying garage rock scene will approve.

Casino (play/download mp3)

Drew Grow & The Pastors Wives Pull Themselves Up By Their Bootstraps

Well, what do YOU expect from a band called Drew Grow & The Pastors Wives when they deliver a song called “Bootstraps”? I for one expect the Devil’s music! Yes, the kind that got Elvis’ hips banned from television and Judas Priest called before congress to be blamed for society’s ills. Yessirs and ma’ams, I expect some rock n’ roll! And I am not disappointed. Rolling bass and driving beats with provocative lyrics for partying and procreating. Begin.

Drew Grow & The Pastors Wives
“Bootstraps” (download mp3)
from “Drew Grow & The Pastors Wives”
“Bootstraps” (play)
(Amigo Amiga)