Infernal Overdrive, “Duel”

Brooklyn’s Infernal Overdrive sound as if they were raised on a steady diet of Grand Funk Railroad. Their timing couldn’t be better with Van Halen recently touring and releasing and a new album, the public’s ears are tuned back into the 70’s rock channel. “Duel” is a rambunctious tune with big drums and plenty of power chords – so turn it up!

Infernal Overdrive
“Duel” (download mp3)
from “Last Rays of the Dying Sun”
(Small Stone Records)
Duel (play)


Kylesa, “Decend Within”

If you are, or you’re aspiring to be a metal head, you know the band Kylesa. Formed in Savannah, GA in 2001, “Descend Within” is from the band’s debut self-titled album. Known for their many interpretations of metal, “Descend Within” was laid down on a day the band felt like stoner-rock and math-rock sound awesome together, and they do.

Decend Within (play/download mp3)

Visit Kylesa’s website.

OK Go, “Here Comes the Fire”

OK Go always seem to come up with the catchiest hooks that accentuate their longing-pop melodies and noisy-guitar tones, all placed over a steady rockin’ beat. The energetic chorus of “Here Comes the Fire” stays in your head long after the song’s final over-charged note. In other words: The perfect pop song.

“Here Comes the Fire” (download mp3)
from “adidas / MLS Represent – Rock The Pitch”
Here Comes the Fire (play)
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Cinema Red And Blue’s Creepy Crawly “Walkin’ To The Cemetery”

Hey it’s a better idea than running to the cemetery, isn’t it? Here’s some first class garage rock from Cinema Red And Blue. Just Walkin’ To The Cemetery. Ghostly creepy Farfisa Organ with howls.

Cinema Red And Blue
“Walkin’ To The Cemetery” (download mp3)
from “Butterbean Crypt EP”
“Walkin To The Cemetery” (play)
(Fortuna POP!)

Waterproof Blonde Wants To Know “Are You Ready”

I want a waterproof blonde. Don’t you? Who wouldn’t? Are you ready? For Waterproof Blonde? You’d better be. Because here they come on “The Morning After The Night Before.” From Crash Avenue records. Distorted, dirty, and delicious.

Waterproof Blonde
“Are You Ready” (download mp3)
from “The Morning After The Night Before”
“Are You Ready” (play)
(Crash Avenue)

The Fashion Slaves’ Beautiful Styrofoam World

Taking a page from Devo and a chapter from Alice In Wonderland, Berkeley’s Fashion Slaves let the styrofoam cat out of the styrofoam bag with their first mp3 release. It’s short and sweet and crispy and fun I can’t get that riff outta my styrofoam head. NY art rock, gone hella east bay. I love it.

The Fashion Slaves
Click to play, or right click “save as” to download:
The Fashion Slaves – “Styrofoam” (mp3)
(Fun Fun Fun Recordings)

Red Sky At Morning, “Chiudi gli occhi”‘s Take Warning

Nothing like a little revolution to get the blood flowing. Here’s some instrumental ponderings from a band from Milan called Red Sky – not to be confused with the Red Sky from Detroit or the one from Minneapolis – good gawd there’s a lot of ’em. Red Sky from Milan, ladies and gents! With some instrumental schizophrenic hard rock that loves its U2 as much as its Joe Satriani. Approximately. I like it.

Red Sky
“Chiudi gli occhi” (download mp3)
from “Tra l’ombra e l’anima – EP”
“Chiudi gli occhi” (play)
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