I found a new Huey Lewis and The News record?

No I didn’t. Yes I did! “Soulsville” is a cover album of classic Stax recordings that inspired the 80’s Marin County hitmakers in their youth. “Little Sally Walker” was originally recorded by the gr8 Rufas Thomas. Here’s Huey & company doing a labor of love.

Huey Lewis and The News
“Little Sally Walker” (download mp3)
from “Soulsville (Amazon Exclusive)”
(Proper Records)
Little Sally Walker (play)

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The Bar-Kays Freak the Dance Floor

Understand, The Bar-Kays are simply one of the coolest things to ever exist on earth. Their career is a study in the evolution of American popular music. Here we find our heroes in the throes of early 1980’s disco. Shake it baby.

The Barkays
“Freakshow on the Dance Floor” (download mp3)
from “Greatest Hits”
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The Barkays – “Freakshow on the Dance Floor”

Lubriphonic – “Rhino”

Jazz, funk, soul fans perk up! This week’s MP3 Jackpot winner “Rhino” performed by Lubriphonic, and features some of the hottest players in Chicago.

“Rhino” (download mp3)
from “The Gig Is On”
(reapandsow, Inc.)
Lubriphonic – “Rhino” (play)

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Nate Najar’s ever so groovy “Groove Me”

Truly romantic and funky music from Nate Najar. A ten miles deep rhythm section, super sweet Hammond Organ and horn section, plus badass lead guitar riffs all slither around a delicious vocal track like a great cosmic snake.

Nate Najar
“Groove Me (airwaves version)” (download mp3)
from “Groove Me”
(Woodward Avenue Records)
Nate Najar – “Groove Me (airwaves version)” (play)

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Revisiting “Inner City Blues” w/ The Kin

The Kin, two Aussie brothers living in New York City, deliver a tastefully contemporized version of Marvin Gaye’s classic “Inner City Blues.” Makes me wanna holler.

The Kin
“Inner City Blues” (mp3)
from “Rondo Sessions (UK EP)”
(Ninth Street Opus)
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The Kin “Inner City Blues” mp3

Tom Tom Club – “Genius of Love (live)”

Here’s a killer live version of that phat hit from 1981, “Genius of Love” by the Tom Tom Club. For those of you who don’t, Tom Tom Club is Tina and Chris from the Talking Heads. This song has been sampled so many times from Grandmaster Flash to Mariah Carey.

Tom Tom Club
“Genius of Love (live)” (download mp3)
from “Genius of Live”
Genius of Love (live) (play)

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Bobbie Smith & The Dream Girls – “Your Lovey Dovey Ways”

Bobbie Smith & The Dream Girls – “Your Lovey Dovey Ways” (play)

It’s Northern soul at the MP3 Jackpot again. I do like this genre, it’s soo innocent.  Congratulations to Bobbie Smith & The Dream Girls for this week’s winner, “Your Lovey Dovey Ways.”  I think Twirl Records mastered the MP3 from a 45 rpm disk cause that’s what 45s really sounded like.  Don’t let the sound quality throw you, it makes it such an authentic experience.

Bobbie Smith & The Dream Girls
“Your Lovey Dovey Ways” (mp3)
from “Twirl Records Story Volume 5”
(Twirl Records)

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In “Teenage Paradise” with Detroit’s The Volumes

Here’s s’more gr8 northern soul über-pop for yr purty earballs. With elements of doo-wop, rock n’ roll, R n’ B and heaping buckets of fine sugar syrup, The Volumes had a string of regional hits in the Detroit area in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s on Twirl Records. Twirl, which hit the big time in 1961 with Del Shannon’s unstoppable “Runaway,” was a classic independent record label, indie and D.I.Y. long before anyone said the words “indie” or “D.I.Y.” In keeping with the label’s lo-cost, hi-badass approach, they now maintain a website which lovingly details the label’s history, discography, artist bios and more. “Teenage Paradise” is a lesser known gem from their catalog, recently re-released in a compilation series, which I just can’t seem to get enough of.

The Volumes
“Teenage Paradise” (download mp3)
from “Twirl Records Story Volume 6”
(Twirl Records)
“Teenage Paradise” (play)

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Bobbie Smith & The Dream Girls’ Lovey Dovey Northern Soul Ways

Bobbie Smith & The Dream Girls – “Your Lovey Dovey Ways” mp3

Goin’ waaaaaayyy back in the crates of fine old northern soul 45’s for this perfect bite of pop candy. What could be better than lovin’ a  lover with lovey dovey ways? Nothing, kittins, nothing under the sun. And who says “lovey dovey” anymore? I joyfully regress, and present to you, Bobbie Smith & The Dream Girls, off this gr8 Twirl Records comp. <3

Bobbie Smith & The Dream Girls
“Your Lovey Dovey Ways” (mp3)
from “Twirl Records Story Volume 5”
(Twirl Records)

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Mo-Tunes – “Come See About Me”

Mo-Tunes – “Come See About Me” (play)

The Australian band Mo-Tunes performs the essential Motown era hits and some unreleased gems buried deep in the Motown vault. Their version of the number hit in 1964 by the Supremes, “Come See About Me,” is this week’s winner, and Mo-Tunes is the first tribute band to win the MP3 Jackpot.

“Come See About Me” (mp3)
from “Come See About Me”
(Black Market Music)
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