Mighty Sam McClain Stands The Test Of Love

Here is some soul blues you can use, from American legend Mighty Sam McClain. Born in 1943, this Louisiana gentleman started performing at the age of 5 in his mother’s gospel church, and he went pro at 13. You do the math. “Can You Stand The Test Of Love,” is a single off Sam’s new album, “One Drop Is Plenty,” a collaboration with Norwegian blues guitarist Knut Reiersrud, and it’s just brilliant in every way. Enjoy.

Mighty Sam McClain, Knut Reiersrud
“Can You Stand The Test Of Love” (download mp3)
from “One Drop Is Plenty”
“Can You Stand The Test Of Love” (play)
(Valley Entertainment)
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Dwayne Dopsie Reppin’ The New Swamp Boogie

Dwayne Dopsie and the Zydeco Hellraisers are ranked #29 on LouisianaTravel.com’s “TOP 100 REASONS TO VISIT LOUISIANA” and that’s the best thing I’ve seen in an artist bio in about forever. Here is Dwayne Dopsie featured on a compilation released last year of on Locobop. The band is ridiculously hot and they come out blazing, holding back for no one. Hot, hot, hot music for summer. Better go git it babe.

Dwayne Dopsie
“Better Go Get It” (download mp3)
from “Swamp Rock”
“Better Go Get It” (play)
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Ruthie Foster Lets It Rip On “Stone Love”

The spectacular Ruthie Foster, ladies and gents, singin’ the pajamas offa “Stone Love” on her “The Truth According to Ruthie Foster” album. This lady can sing for real, and her all-star backing band on this is solid badness. That’s the great Robben Ford cutting it up on guitar, and The Memphis Horns blazing away, to give you an idea, and the whole thing was captured at Memphis’ legendary Ardent Studios. Hot.

Ruthie Foster
“Stone Love” (download mp3)
from “The Truth According to Ruthie Foster”
(Proper Records)
“Stone Love” (play)
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Flying “Anywhere The Wind Blows” w/ Big Eagle

Here is a sweet and soulful modern country song that had me catching my breath this morning. Big, warm female harmonies, and a prominent electric piano form the Greek Chorus to this tale of bad love. Big Eagle singer Robyn Miller is all kinds of beautiful, and her voice carries the history of her musical odyssey. From Humboldt county roots, through indie-rock glory with The Peels, and all the requisite highs and lows of the Kafkaesque music business, Miller emerges with all her limbs intact, and a transcendent new record. This is all grow’d up. Check it out.

Big Eagle
“Anywhere The Wind Blows” (download mp3)
from “Willow Creek”
(MRG Recordings)
“Anywhere The Wind Blows” (play)
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Hori Buzz’ “Turnaround” and What’s In The Water In Wellington?

O. M. G. I love this. Heaping helpings of Stevie Wonder-invoking 70’s clavinet, Prince- and Curtis Mayfield-inspired vocals, and soul-glorious horn lines fuel this medicinal slab of funky rock candy. A Hori Buzz, from Wellington, NZ, my dears. Hmm. I’ve found a lot of cool stuff from New Zealand lately. Could Wellington be a new hot spot for emerging talent? Stay tuned!

A Hori Buzz
“Turnaround (Radio Edit)” (download mp3)
from “Turnaround”
“Turnaround (Radio Edit)” (play)
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Rufus Thomas – “Ugly Like Me”

Rufus Thomas, the man who brought you “Walking The Dog,” is at it again. “Ugly Like Me” is this week’s MP3 Jackpot winner. Old school funk, R&B at is best – including a life lesson from Mr. Thomas.

Rufus Thomas
“Ugly Like Me” (download mp3)
from “Ugly Like Me”
“Ugly Like Me” (play)

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Beautiful Like Rufus Thomas’ “Ugly Like Me”

This song is dying to be the music from an 80’s movie fashion-transformation-montage. “Ugly Like Me” is a funky, horn-stabbed lesson for playin’ it cool when you’re “ugly” like the GR8 Rufus Thomas. But to me, ya know, there isn’t a more beautiful man.

Rufus Thomas
“Ugly Like Me” (download mp3)
from “Ugly Like Me”
Rufus Thomas – “Ugly Like Me” (play)

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The Kin revisit “Change Is Gonna Come”

Here’s a labor of love from The Kin – an Aussie duo of very musical brothers. This is their expansive take on the 60’s Sam Cooke anthem.

The Kin
“Change Is Gonna Come” (download mp3)
from “Rondo Sessions (USA EP)”
(Ninth Street Opus)
Change Is Gonna Come (play)

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Huey Lewis and The News – “Little Sally Walker”

Huey Lewis, is he still alive? I love the album cover drawn by Lamar Sorrento. And I love this week’s winner, “Little Sally Walker.”

Huey Lewis and The News
“Little Sally Walker” (download mp3)
from “Soulsville (Amazon Exclusive)”
(Proper Records)
Little Sally Walker (play)

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