Brand New Blue King Brown Single – “Never Fade Away”

Contemporary reggae vibes comin’ strong from Natalie Pa’apa’a and Blue King Brown on their sparkly new single. Hot on the festival circuit and quickly making a name for themselves amongst reggae fans and political activists, BKB takes Jamaican dancehall and pipes it through a distinctly urban American platter. Fuel for the feet, food for the soul.

Blue King Brown
“Never Fade Away” (download mp3)
from “Blue King Brown”
(Indica Records)
“Never Fade Away” (play)
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Ismaël Isaac’s African Reggae Hit “Teri Djougou”

There are few tings more uplifting and yummy for your soul tummy that gr8 big juicy major chord horn section parts, shining on a swaying reggae hip-wiggler. Ivory Coast reggae singing star Ismaël Isaac shows his affection for Wailers’ arrangement and Alpha Blondy vocal styles here to glorious effect. From the “Reggae in Africa vol.1” compilation on the Cantos Music label, “Teri Djougou” is sweet musical sunshine in a bottle. Drink it tup.

Ismaël Isaac
“Teri Djougou” (download mp3)
from “Reggae in Africa vol.1”
(Cantos Music)
“Teri Djougou” (play)
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Chester Bay Gets Free. Get “Get Free” Free!

It’s hard to believe it’s been fifteen years since Sublime singer Bradley Nowell died. The album that came out shortly thereafter, became one of the biggest unexpected hits of 1997. It ultimately turned into one of those records that legions of bands use as a directional beacon. One fine quintet who wears a Sublime patch on their sleeve is Chester Bay from Minnesota. Here’s the title track from their album “Get Free.” Good rockin’ alterna-reggae fun.

Chester Bay
“Get Free” (download mp3)
from “Get Free”
(reapandsow, Inc.)
“Get Free” (play)
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The Uptones Orbit A Solar Disco Ball

This track from The Uptones‘ new CD is dub sunshine in a bottle. Huge molten brass slathered over a miles-wide bass and drum beat mixes it up with skankin’ guitars and shimmering organ bubbles. An instrumental reggae lovefest, “Solar Disco Ball” just became the soundtrack to my East Bay spring day.

East Bay OrbitsThe Uptones
 “Solar Disco Ball” (download mp3)
from “East Bay Orbits”
(Fun Fun Fun Recordings)
“Solar Disco Ball” (play)
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Fear Nuttin Band’s “Rebel” Is Fkn Huge

New England’s Fear Nuttin Band lives up to its name with an ambitious blend of musical styles that holds together seamlessly in their hands. Equally based in reggae, dancehall, metal, and hip-hop, their epic single “Rebel” kicks in strong from the first bar, and evolves through a brilliant sonic and lyrical journey. Tremendous track.

Fear Nuttin Band
“Rebel” (download mp3)
from “Move Positive”
(BoomBlaze Records)
“Rebel” (play)
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Dubmatix feat. Freddy Locks feelin’ the Power

It’s a dubwise Tuesday morning around the Superfan house. Sun has broken through the rains here in Oaksterdam, and there is nothing quite like the freshly scrubbed air in the Bay Area after weeks of oodles of rain. This tune is the soundtrack to my living postcard on this ever so springy spring day. The mighty Dubmatix crew featuring Freddy Locks, bringing the power. Enjoy!

Dubmatix, Freddy Locks
“Power” (download mp3)
from “Power”
(7 Arts Entertainment)
“Power” (play)
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The Versionaries, “Kakhooved”

There’s so much gr8 Dub, and here’s some more. This week’s winner of the  MP3 Jackpot is “Kakhooved” by the Visionaries. This instrumental is so authentic — it’s the essence of Dub.

The Versionaries
“Kakhooved” (download mp3)
from “Sounds Sane”
“Kakhooved” (play)

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Versionaries Kakhooved Version Versionary Stylee

I haven’t posted a scorching reggae dub track in a while. What to do? Ah, I’ll post The Versionaries‘ scorching “Kakhooved” mp3. Oh my, but this is the medicine. The thing about a good dub, is you just don’t want it to end. It’s like entering a room you’d prefer to stay in all day, and you wonder why you didn’t come in sooner. This instrumental overflows with nature-inspired tones, and rivers of horn section tape echo goodness.

The Versionaries
“Kakhooved” (download mp3)
from “Sounds Sane”
“Kakhooved” (play)
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NZ’s Midnights Beckon, “Come Dance With Me”

Old skool herbal sun-baked reggae outta New Zealand. New Zealand?! Yes, Dorothy, New Zealand. As I have mentioned in these pages, reggae has long been a truly international genre, with distinct strains thriving in various regions around the globe. Along with The Black Seeds and other wonderful live reggae bands in and around Wellington, The Midnights are stepping up to rep Aukland, NZ, as part of the growing roots-loving scene on that beautiful island.

The Midnights
“Come Dance With Me” (download mp3)
from “Outside”
“Come Dance With Me” (play)
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Hezekiah Jones and the Mass Mind Malaise

Here’s a horn-heavy reggae-fueled track with a folky twist, from Philly’s Hezekiah Jones. Clearly not a band that will be limited by genre barriers, they swing wide, into a jazzy swing but almost klezmer-y place on the bridge here, before crashing back into a measured, ominous dub tempo. All this provides the perfect soundtrack for the deftly paranoid and oh-so-contemporary lyric. I love it.

Hezekiah Jones
“Mind Malaise” (download mp3)
from “Have You Seen Our New Fort?”
(Yer Bird Records)
“Mind Malaise” (play)
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