Junior Toots, “Ready To Come Over”

Junior Toots isn’t just a nod to one of the most successful reggae bands; Junior Toots is Toots Hibbert’s son, lead singer and founder of Toots and the Maytals. This is Junior’s first album, and from the sound of it Junior has lifted his genetically programed gift of song writing into the Bob Marley caste. “Ready To Come Over” is a song about the return to the land of King Selassie I, covets all the righteousness of Jah rastafari.

Junior Toots
“Ready To Come Over” (download mp3)
from “A Little Bit of Love”
(Crown of Fire Records)
Ready To Come Over (play)


DJ Spooky, “Mr. Brown (Remix)”

I spent a huge chunk of my early teens listening to Bob Marley. On my 17th birthday Marley’s box set, Songs of Freedom was in my gift pile. The last song on disk 1 is “Mr. Brown,” and this was the first time I ever heard it. Darker and maybe the only song in Marley’s catalog that can be described as “moody,” to this day it remains one of my favorite songs. In 2007 Dj Spooky, an artist I spent the majority of my early twenties listening to, turns out this moody, dance-y, funky remix.

Mr. Brown (Remix) (play/download mp3)

Cool Runnings, “Robin Hoods Of The Ghetto”

Quite possibly the definition of ‘cool riddim’, “Robin Hoods Of The Ghetto” was originally released during the apex of Bob Marley’s international success. A winning formula that focused its power on exposing the injustices and struggles of poor people across the world, Cool Runnings followed Marley’s humanitarian cue with classic tunes like this one, re-released last October by Bristol Archive Records.

Cool Runnings
“Robin Hoods Of The Ghetto” (download mp3)
from “The Bristol Reggae Explosion 2 ‘The 80’s'”
(Bristol Archive Records)
“Robin Hoods Of The Ghetto” (play)
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Bay Area rap at it’s best

California reggae group Rebelution’s dreamy and catchy productions have been turning the ears of many Bay Area producers, including the ever prolific board master of Zion I, Amp Live. The marriage of Zion I and Rebelution makes for some of the freshest and most infectious hip-hop I’ve listened to in a long time. Commercial “urban” radio programming may be dominated with songs that feature the audio tune more heavily then the rapping, but Zion I shows true hip-hop fans that they can get down with many styles.

Zion I, “Many Styles (feat.Rebelution)” (play/download mp3)

Visit Rebelution’s website for all the intel.

Black Seeds Reeeeemix!

Black Seeds inna ones and zeros. What more ya needta knows? If u haz been following moy posts diligently since Jan 1, 2009 (and why wouldn’t you) then you know I love me some Black Seeds reggae outta New Zealand. So here’s anudder. Enjoy.

The Black Seeds
“Slingshot (Truth Remix)” (download mp3)
from “Specials: Remixes And Versions From Solid Ground”
“Slingshot (Truth Remix)” (play)
(Easy Star Records)
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Elevate w/ Sum-in-1 feat. Papa Michigan & Jeanine Strong

Jamaican record makers in the early 60’s took their cue from American R&B records, and later took pages from hip-hop, as Jamaican Dancehall evolved. Meanwhile American hip-hop, from its inception, was influenced by Jamaican Sound System and Deejay culture. There’s long been a special musical information expressway between Jamaica and the urban United States, and here is a fresh fruit from that fertile tree. This is some of the most refreshing hip-hop I’ve heard in years.

“Elevate (feat. Papa Michigan & Jeanine Strong)” (download mp3)
from “And Then Sum”
“Elevate (feat. Papa Michigan & Jeanine Strong)” (play)
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New Fishbone “Crazy Glue” Coming Out Oct. 11

There’s a new Fishbone album coming out on October 11. For those of you who understand the significance of that, let me repeat, there’s a new Fishbone album coming out on October 11. For those of you who do not understand the significance of that, let me repeat, there’s a new Fishbone album coming out on October 11. Here’s a pre-release single, “Crazy Glue” that sticks to you like crazy glue. It’s classic Fishbone. Musically brilliant, lyrically fearless, beautiful, absurd, a little frightening, quite fun, and barking mad.

“Crazy Glue” (download mp3)
from “Crazy Glue”
“Crazy Glue” (play)
(Cockroach Media)
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Nomad Goes “Deeper” w/ Jornick & Saritah

The hand held, breath-powered keyboard known as the Melodica was made a staple of reggae and dub music by Augustus Pablo, on his classic Jamaican recordings. Here we find The Nomad revisiting that sweet sound and other classic dubby bits on “Deeper” off the “Perilous Times” album.

The Nomad
“Deeper (feat. Jornick & Saritah)” (download mp3)
from “Perilous Times (Bonus Edition)”
“Deeper (feat. Jornick & Saritah)” (play)
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Mad Cobra Writes A Few Lines

Veteran Jamaican dancehall artist Mad Cobra took his name from a GI Joe character while in his teens. He’s been a steady performer ever since, widely known and respected in the ever growing dancehall scene. This single rep’s the “Real Music Vol 1” comp and it’s a winner. Slow and low old school reggae dancehall with a message as old as language itself.

Mad Cobra
“Writing These Few Lines” (download mp3)
from “Real Music Vol 1”
“Writing These Few Lines” (play)
(Builders Music Company)

Chanting A Psalm With Lee “Scratch” Perry!

It’s my birthday! Happily it coincides with the birth of our nation. When I was a little kid I thought all those fireworks were for me! Ya know whut? I still do! Why not? A wise man once said to me, “the world is as you see it.” So thanks for all the fireworks =) Hmm, what shall I post on my birthday? Lee “Scratch” Perry of course. Inventor of dub and winner of the first Nobel Prize for Positive Vibes. Happy 4th, all! <3

Lee Scratch Perry
“Psalm” (download mp3)
from “Revelation”
Psalm” (play)
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