Pariah Goes On After The End

I am glad to find Pariah on the Interwasteland. In the early 80’s when they started playing in Martinez, the Uptones were starting up a few freeway exits down in Berkeley. I saw a lot of hardcore bands at that time, and these guys were one of my faves. Check this song out, it’s great.

“After The End” (download mp3)
from “Youths of Age (Expanded Version)”
(Posh Boy Music)
“After The End” (play)
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Channel 3 Takes Their Chances Anyway

Here’s a classic piece of 80’s hardcore punk from Channel 3. CH3 was a bit more melodic than a lot of their contemporaries in that scene, but no less raging. I used to hear this on KALX. Always really liked this track, glad to find this and a lot of other 80’s punk classics from the awesome Posh Boy label, now up in the Intertubes.

Channel 3
“I’ll Take My Chances” (download mp3)
from “The Skinhead Years”
(Posh Boy Music)
“I’ll Take My Chances” (play)

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Death Wish Kids Attend A.A., and Share

Time for your medicine. A screeching one minute of feedback and drums and a vocal like the bleating of an impaled goat. Death Wish Kids were only together for two years in the 90’s, but are remembered as one of the most ferocious hardcore bands that ever melted face. Members went on to Pretty Girls Make Graves and Golden Ticket. If you don’t like hardcore punk, stay away from this! More on:, of course. These guys were GR8.

Death Wish Kids
“A. A.” (download mp3)
from “Discography”
(Hot Dog City Record Co.)
“A.A.” (play)

Cloak/Dagger Don’t Need This

A classic punk rock theme, if there is such a thing. “I don’t need a..” fill in the blanks. Reminds me of the Buzzcocks more raucous material. Crashing guitars and a lyric that celebrates alienation from freakin’ everything. It’s very positive.

“Don’t Need A” (download mp3)
from “Lost Art”
(Jade Tree)
“Don’t Need A” (play)
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I Am Caring About Insane Reaction’s “I Don’t Care”

Utterly trashy for-real punk rock alienation. I care about this. Insane Reaction are three young’uns from Orlando, Florida by way of Colombia. Born in the mid 90’s, when Green Day was still green, this is a generation down from when punk rock went mainstream. And you know what? It rocks! It’s legit. I love it. Have a listen.

Insane Reaction
“I Don’t Care” (download mp3)
from “Where’s My Pick – EP”
“I Don’t Care” (play)
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Dwarves’ Porn Rock Unsafe At Any Speed

Not safe for work. Probably not safe for grandma’s house, depending on the grandma. Definitely not safe for Church picnic. In short, Dwarves degenerate in chief Blag Dahlia is back again to tell us how he really feels. This is anti-social, filthy and completely wrong. Excellent.

The Dwarves
“The Dwarves Are Still The Best Band Ever” (download mp3)
from “Born Again”
(MVD Audio)
“The Dwarves Are Still The Best Band Ever” (play)
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Spudmonsters Explain Death In Under 2 Minutes

You could read volumes of Camus and Kafka while sucking down cappuccinos and Gauloises, or you could listen to this. The Spudmonsters from Cleveland, Ohio have written the definitive existential statement as a one minute and forty second punk rock spasm. They should get a prize of some kind.

The Spudmonsters
“Death Sucks” (download mp3)
from “Stop The Madness, Again”
(Smog Veil Records)
“Death Sucks” (play)
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Mr. Bungle, “The Girls of Porn”

Sometimes referred to as Mike Patton’s “other band”, Mr. Bungle was formed in Eureka California when all the members were still in High School. In typical Mr. Bungle fashion, “The Girls of Porn” takes you from power pop riffs, to skanking horns, to lo-fi experimentation, and to the old faithful, just stop and start playing something completely different. Now don’t get scared off too easily. These guys can actually take you through the juxtaposition of sounds while they make you dance.

The Girls of Porn (play/download mp3)

Honorary Discharge Punk Rock Style w/ Cobra Skulls

Careening headlong through power chord laden gang vocals a’la Clash, Rancid, Pogues plus a hint of Country Joe McDonald (Google that one, kids!) we find Reno, NV heroes Cobra Skulls, raving with their walking papers and a bottle in hand. Several bottles. Ok, most of the bar. Burning rubber and testifying. Punk out.

Cobra Skulls
“H.D.U.I. (Honorary Discharge Under The Influence)” (download mp3)
from “American Rubicon”
(Red Scare)
H.D.U.I. (Honorary Discharge Under The Influence) (play)
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Dead Kennedys “A Child and His Lawnmower”

A newspaper article about a man arrested for shooting his lawnmower when it refused to start becomes, in the hands of the Dead Kennedys, a rant about the idiocy of the “don’t take no shit” attitude. This short (under a minute), angry blast is typical of the DK.

Dead Kennedys – “A Child and His Lawnmower” (play/DL)