New Bleeders, “Ox Blood”

I’m loving this new angst-y new wave mp3, “Ox Blood.” The New Bleeders are from Belgium and that’s about all you are going to find out about them. I believe they are too busy writing songs that will have you mentally crawling up the walls, and don’t have time to do any sort of PR/Marketing type stuff.

New Bleeders
“Ox Blood” (download mp3)
(Kinky Star Records)
Ox Blood” (play)
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The Gallows, “Rolling With The Punches”

Inspired by the early 80s US hardcore and 90s Swedish hardcore bands such as Refused, the metal riffs of Mastodon and the discordance of key underground bands such as Swing Kids, and JR Ewing, Gallows’ premiere goal was to wrestle punk back from the fashion police. “Rolling With The Punches” if off The Gallows break through first album, Orchestra of Wolves.

Rolling With The Punches (play/download mp3)

Surviving DUI Friday With Fishbone

How was your weekend? Did you go out on DUI Friday? It’s Sunday, are you putting it all back together again? Well most of us have been there. Here’s an epic track from Fishbone, off their brand new record, all about the potential benefits of not finding your keys. Din turned me onto this – he’s got the title track “Crazy Glue” up at his blog. Some 30 years into an unbroken stream of tours, albums, triumphs and struggles, the ‘bone has created another gr8 record. It comes out officially on Oct. 11. I’ll drink to that.

“DUI Friday” (mp3)
from “Crazy Glue”
“DUI Friday” (play)
(Cockroach Media)
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Dead Boys Live! “Sonic Reducer” 1977.

Oh lookit lookit lookit what I found! Punk God-daddies The Dead Boys, live at CBGB, in 1977. This is like, early punk holy grail material. Wow. Wow. Wow. File this under Punk Rock. Not “alternative” or “indie rock” or “punk pop.” Punk. Rock.

The Dead Boys
“Sonic Reducer” (download mp3)
from “Live At CBGB 1977”
“Sonic Reducer” (play)
(MVD Audio)
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East Bay Ray Raises The Stakes Again

Ah, East Bay Ray, famed Dead Kennedy and innovator of surf punky guitar madness, is back in a new group bearing his name. This is good for the universe. So what does it sound like? Like a guy from the Dead Kennedys, playing guitar in a new band called East Bay Ray and The Killer Smiles! I mean it sounds exactly like that. Killer. I’m smiling.

East Bay Ray and The Killer Smiles
“Raising the Stakes” (download mp3)
from “East Bay Ray and The Killer Smiles”
“Raising The Stakes” (play)
(MVD Audio)
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Evans The Death Lives! Follow The Threads

“Why did I watch that documentary?” beseeches singer Katherine Whitaker on the brand new Evans The Death single, as she falls into a post-civilization meltdown. Guitars, burning in an entropy of descending low notes and crashing chords like planes falling out of the sky, set the backdrop for this dark, hazy daydream. I find it kind of cheerful, actually. What’s my issue? Punk out, kids.

Evans The Death
“Threads” (download mp3)
from “Threads / I’m So Unclean”
“Threads” (play)
(Fortuna POP!)
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Sarandon Kills Twee Pop On Joe’s Record

“Joe’s Record” is a song from an album by a band called Sarandon, called “Kill Twee Pop!” The music is spastic and quirky. It pleases me. And even with everything that’s arty and odd about this track, somehow the handclap business makes it sound inescapably pop. Peculiar. Splendid.

“Joe’s Record” (download mp3)
from “Kill Twee Pop!”
(Slumberland Records)
“Joes Record” (play)
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The Copyrights’ New Single “Crutches” Rocks

I love that there’s a punk pop band called The Copyrights. And with such titles as “Grown Folks Business” and “Shit’s Fucked,” these Chicago lads do right by their name. “Crutches” is their brand spanking new single, and it rocks. Two minutes and some seconds of angsty buzzpop bliss.

The Copyrights
“Crutches” (download mp3)
from “Crutches – Single”
(Red Scare)
“Crutches” (play)
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Goin’ Nuclear With The Nuclears: Get Me Outta Here!

Still punkin’ out over here today, what’s come over me? Must be the weather. It’s FINALLY acting like summer in the Bay Area – warm, blue skies, no FREAKING HAIL AND TORNADOES like last week! No climate change here, nooooo. The cat has started shedding in earnest, signalling the onset of bikini weather, and I am digging this post-apocalyptic teen anthem from The Nuclears. Blatant positive references to The Stooges, The Clash, MC5, and all that good stuff. Melt down, baby.

The Nuclears
“Get Me Outta Here” (download mp3)
from “The Nuclears”
(Cockroach Media)
“Get Me Outta Here” (play)

Stepmothers’ “I Dream I’m Innocent” A Lost, Perfect Punk New Wave Gem

In this adventure of mine, in which I try to find one excellent free, legal mp3 to post each day, I’m often blown away by what I find. Whether it’s a new recording hot off the presses, or as in this case, an overlooked gem, I certainly haven’t run out of songs to post. If I do, I’ll stop, that’s my promise! Today isn’t that day. Today I found this amazing, punk-pop new wavey smash from the Stepmothers called “I Dream I’m Innocent.” The lyric is dark and disturbing, yet somehow funny and liberating. The playing is brilliant, the tones and production are brilliant, it’s just a gr8 single. Extra props for the album title “You Were Never My Age.” Heavy rotation, in my innocent dreams.

“(I Dream I’m) Innocent” (download mp3)
from “You Were Never My Age …And More – The Complete Recordings”
(Posh Boy Music)
“I Dream I’m Innocent” (play)
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