Broken Social Scene’s healing “World Sickness”

Beloved Broken Social Scene. Post modern angst would not be the same without you. Here we find our heroes deep in the throes of what the Germans call Weltschmerz – world-ache, or world sickness. Musically somewhere between Godspeed You Black Emperor’s patient apocalyptic swelling, and something like goth rock on a sunny beach, this is a group whose sound is not easily pinned down. And that’s good. Let it fly, be free. “Forgiveness Rock Record” is their latest brave salvo of empathy and understanding thrown headlong into the prevailing maelstrom of cynicism and pessimism. I’m grateful for that.

Broken Social Scene
“World Sick” (download mp3)
from “Forgiveness Rock Record”
(Arts & Crafts)
World Sick (play)

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The Library is on Fire and it sounds gorgeous

The Library is on Fire – “Vanessa’s Theatre of Peace” mp3

Here’s some magnificent pop entropy from Brooklyn’s The Library is on Fire. I may have observed before but it bears repeating – Brooklyn is one of the gr8est band camps in the world right now, there’s so much good music being created there these days. This single “Vanessa’s Theatre of Peace” is a little adventure, from the careening chaos of the intro thru grunge-flavored psychedelic pop verses all the way to a blissful meltdown ending. Total ear candy.

The Library is on Fire
“Vanessa’s Theatre of Peace” (mp3)
from “Magic Windows, Magic Nights”
(Fill in the Blank Records)

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Turning On and Tuning In with VOWLS

VOWLS – “Waking” mp3

Prepare thyself, musical adventurer, for a trip down this swirling psychedelic rabbit hole from Toronto’s lovely VOWLS. Treading softly on the mossy cool rocks of Beatles “Dear Prudence” and “Tomorrow Never Knows” territory, swinging deftly from the vines of Brian Eno’s ambient jungle wonderland, this is, my dears, music for tripping balls. A magnificent blend of old school instruments and effects, seamlessly combine with modern electronic production techniques to form a consciousness-altering potion of the most pleasant variety. Bye now.

“Waking” (mp3)
from “In Consonance, Pt. 1”

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Titus Andronicus’ Prog-Punk Ruckus Maximus

Titus Andronicus – “A More Perfect Union” mp3

Titus Andronicus are as much a carny of crazed vagabond poets as they are a hard hitting, dangerous sounding punk rock band. Pogues, Clash, Springsteen, Replacements, Pixies and Nirvana influences all prominent, but it’s almost silly to say that, since the voice that shines through this material is so blazingly fresh and sincere. The comparisons also end with their arrangements. This song for example, develops way past your standard three minute power-pop burst, into an epic piece stuffed with simultaneously dire and humorously clever narrative, and relentless musical invention that grows organically and never seems forced. This anthemic track is from their new album, The Monitor, for which they are currently on Monitour. Dates on their myspace. Tip o’ the brim to Tony in Louisville for sending linky. Stumendous.