Wabbit Season!!!

‘Tis the year of the BUNNY and I have found the perfect song to set the fluffy tailed new era bounding and breeding into the fertile green meadows of the future. I present to you bouncing mammals, Comfy Chair, performing their original Opus De Leporidae, “The Wabbit.” Comfy Chair’s fine CD entertainment products may be purchased here. Gung Hay Fat Choy! Eat some lettuce and hop around.

Comfy Chair – “The Wabbit” (mp3)

Loch Lomond Sings The Praises Of Elephants & Little Girls

Here’s a great lilting ditty. Just the sort of thing I like to post on a lazy Sunday. I love the string instrumentation and sparse glockenspiel from the start. When the drums kick in, they give the piece an unexpected dynamic lift. The lead vocal has a gr8 unique quality, and the harmonies are exquisite. Think Neil Young sings Alice a lullaby after her first day down the rabbit hole! This earns the coveted classification genre: of “Other.”

Loch Lomond
“Elephants & Little Girls” (download mp3)
from “Little Me Will Start A Storm”
(Tender Loving Empire)
“Elephants & Little Girls” (play)
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“Signal Tactics”: Yawn Tron’s Static Strategy

You know when you’re cruising around the deep reaches of space in your second-hand star sloop (the one with your mom’s Loggins & Messina tape stuck in the cassette deck), and as you pass the Ruvian Planetary System your radio goes all funny and tunes in 3 stations at the same time? That’s kinda what Yawn Tron’s “Signal Tactics” sounds like, all squelch and static and synths and chopped drums, perfect for battling white line fever as you navigate the lonely Outer Quadrants.

Yawn Tron
“Signal Tactics” (download mp3)
from “Opened Captioning”
(Bocumast LTD.)
“Signal Tactics” (play)
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Darkly Rockin’ In The Rain with Dementia Pre-Show

Leonard Cohen meets Nick Cave at The Cult’s house. The wailing lead guitar has me shredding air style. Gorgeous, epic, massive. Substantial, even. And in the endless cold we’ve been having this season I nee me some giant goth to keep me warm. This is Gr8.

Dementia Pre-Show
“You’re My Rain” (download mp3)
from “Quickstar Productions Presents: Indie Underground, Vol. 9”
“You’re My Rain” (play)
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Wild Pumpkins At Midnight Go Far Out With “U.F.O.”

This track by Aussies Wild Pumpkins At Midnight zips around between the Beatles, Cornershop, Spiritualized, and a small church spilling drippy organ out into the air. Cool production imparts a psychedelic buoyancy while sweet, clear vocals tug it gently back to Earth. I dig it.

Wild Pumpkins at Midnight
“U.F.O.” (mp3)
from “Instant Ocean”
(Smoked Recordings)
“U.F.O.” (play)

Bargain Mind Shopping with Muscle Snog

Alternating between simmering and manic, “Mind Shop Is On Sale” has an ominous edge framing dissonant, noisy guitars and a grinding rhythm section. Muscle Snog brings it all together to create a coherent energy from swirling chaos. Tremendous.

Muscle Snog
“Mind Shop Is on Sale” (download mp3)
from “Mind Shop”
(Maybe Mars Music)
“Mind Shop Is On Sale” (play)


The Upsidedown’s Goodly “Something Good”

Praise be to the indie rock. Thanks and adulation to the psychedelic power-pop drone-guitar seething musical lusty angst. The Upsidedown have recorded “Something Good” with guest appearances by Peter Buck and other indie rock royalty. It’s good.

The Upsidedown
“Something Good” (download mp3)
from “The Town With Bad Wiring”
(Reverb Records)

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The Upsidedown – “Something Good”

Camping On Acid with Government Cheese

Go forth and eat acid in the woods. Or if you don’t have time, just listen to this song. For bonus fun, do both. I mean, trip your little gonads off while camping on acid and listening to this song. You’ll turn into a jellybird, laughing uncontrollably for hours that seem like days.

Government Cheese
“Camping On Acid” (download mp3)
from “1985 – 1995”
(Cedar Creek Music)
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Government Cheese – “Camping On Acid”

Introducing Johnnie Rotten Jr., Rockstar

Here’s some fab atmospheric bliss rock from none other than Johnnie Rotten Jr. This LA band has a swell new album out called The Death of Harry Potter. On Stoney Records. I love all their names and titles. “Rockstar” is the single. And I love it too. A fine giant guitar-scape with a chill beat, and lovely, heavily effected vocals. Psychedelic sweetness reminiscent of that moment you drop off into sleep.

Johnnie Rotten, Jr.
“Rockstar” (download mp3)
from “The Death of Harry Potter”
(Stoney Records)
Rockstar (play)

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DREAMEND right “Where You Belong”

DREAMEND – “Where You Belong” mp3

Here’s a wonderfully weird sort of anti-anthem from Chicago’s DREAMEND. I looooove the crazy warbly keyboard sounds, and the vocals and lyrics are sweet. It all sounds exotic and alien, yet at the same time warm and fuzzily familiar. Approval.

“Where You Belong” (mp3)
from “So I Ate Myself, Bite by Bite”
(Graveface Records)
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