Visiting the “End Frigate Constellation” w/ Appleseed Cast

Here’s an expansive indie space-rock hybrid from The Appleseed Cast. Haunting, arching trellises of heavily effected guitars and vocals shimmer like black roses in mysterious rain. Yes. Excellent drumming here too. Go forth and Prog.

The Appleseed Cast
“End Frigate Constellation” (download mp3)
from “Middle States”
(Graveface Records)
“End Frigate Constellation” (play)
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Baba Zula Takes Us To A Gecekondu

“Gecekondus” are semi-legal urban squats in Turkey. Baba Zula uses “electro saz” (a Turkish lute), wooden spoons, and various percussion, along with some very odd vocal shouts and moans, to evoke life in a Gecekondu. Gecekondu is a word I learned today and I am likely to say it whenever possible. Gecekondu. Gecekondu. Try it, it’s a good word. And “Komsu” is a very cool, unusual sounding track, too. Don’t shoot.

Baba Zula
“Komsu” (download mp3)
from “Gecekondu”
(Doublemoon Records)
“Komsu” (play)
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The Hypnomen Trip With Satan

There are billboards around the Bay Area right now, declaring “Judgment Day” is coming this May 21st. Doesn’t have the same charm as a mad bearded man donning a sandwich board warning “The End Is Nigh” at the bus station, but nonetheless it’s nice of them to keep us in the loop. Here is some quality instrumental music to accompany the end. Or the beginning. Or Mel Gibson unleashing a stream of epithets or whatever. Life is great. From their spiritually uplifting “Trip With Satan” album, I present Helsinki, Finland’s own, The Hypnomen, with “Hush!” Take it away.

The Hypnomen
“Hush” (download mp3)
from “Trip With Satan”
(Gearhead Records)
“Hush” (play)
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Trevor Childs’ Joyful “Deathwish”

Trevor Childs has a “Deathwish” but it sounds like he’s enjoying it just fine. A comical and amusing jaunt through San Francisco, from this Berkeley troubadour, in which he ponders the exact method of his demise. A couple of approaches might earn him a Darwin Award! This is sort of Jim Carroll’s “People Who Died” only in reverse.

Trevor Childs
“Deathwish” (download mp3)
from “Terrified”
(Fortune Records/Citrus 2 Citrus)
“Deathwish” (play)

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Le Reno Amps Rather Breathtaking “Never Be Alone”

Like Kurt Weill wandering through a Victorian music box, Le Reno Amps presents a spectacularly strange cinematic wonderscape. I love this with both ears. And it’s not like I would be late to post on 4-20-2011, now would I? Never happen. Here my dears, is a trip.

Le Reno Amps
“Never Be Alone” (download mp3)
from “Appetite”
(Armellodie Records)
Never Be Alone (play)
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New Panda Bear Rocks Hard, Softly

Here’s a dreamy bit of pop reinvention from Panda Bear, the solo identity of Animal Collective member Noah Lennox. It’s a fun ride to hear where his musical mind goes when left to its own devices. “Last Night At The Jetty” is like a pleasant hangover – no headache, no regrets – just softly landing from a wild party onto a big fluffy cloud.

Panda Bear
“Last Night At The Jetty” (download mp3)
from “Tomboy”
(Paw Tracks)
“Last Night At The Jetty” (play)
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Having A Fine Time w/ Chase Hamblin

Houston troubadour Chase Hamblin‘s “A Fine Time” caught me by surprise this rainy Saturday morning. The lyrics speak to thoughts, feelings, woes and joys I’ve been swimming through lately. Worldly yet innocent, perilous yet playful, nostalgic yet hopeful, this contemporary statement is painted in bold strokes on a 60’s psychedelic canvas. Every whistle and bell in the pop-scape production is lovingly placed. Beautiful work, and put in the simplest terms, it made me feel good. Thank you Chase Hamblin.

Chase Hamblin
“A Fine Time” (download mp3)
from “A Fine Time”
(SteadyBoy Records)
“A Fine Time” (play)
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Chikita Violenta’s “Tired” Is Most Invigorating

I dig Chikita Violenta. Discovered them back in February and posted  “All I Need’s A Little More” – a very original and intriguing track. This one is much more pop. And what lovely sounds – the whole production is inspired. The drums are an unusual snack-able crackle and there some to-die-for guitar hooks. On top of it all is a glorious vocal tapestry like.. like the 80’s went to heaven and mated with aliens. A veritable mimosa of a track, packed with vitamins and bubbly intoxicants. Try it.

Chikita Violenta
“Tired” (download mp3)
from “TRE3S”
(Arts & Crafts)
“Tired” (play)
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Gram Rabbit’s Horse Haz Dirty Mind

Enter the seethingly sexy and calamitously cool dreamworld of Gram Rabbit. They are great in every little way, and she wears bunny ears well. A friend turned me on to this band a coupla years ago, and this just came up in random play on the old iThingy, inspiring this fawning post. Fawn. Post.

Gram Rabbit – “Dirty Horse” mp3 (play/download)

From their “Music To Start a Cult To” album, available from Amazon.

Fake Babies Extol The Virtues Of Sophisticated Thighs

Whoever didn’t want them some sophisticated thighs? Gay, straight, bi or little green peeps from Mars, you know you want them sophisticated thighs. Here is the soundtrack to all that sophisticated thigh worship goin’ on right now around the globe. Fake Babies on the case, with some really far out electro chaos. Best lyric of the week: “I keep my books in the sink.” Sexy, original, and delicious.

Fake Babies
“Sophisticated Thighs” (download mp3)
from “We Started Blues”
(Safety Meeting Records)
“Sophisticated Thighs” (play)
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