Paradise, “Diary of an Old Soul”

Paradise maintains a 60’s psychedelic aesthetic and rhythm that complements their rambunctious new wave inspired sound. Paradise are Portland’s current “home-town-heros” and “Diary of an Old Soul” objectively proves why. Download and get ready to joyously explode because this mp3 is nothin’ but fun!

“Diary of an Old Soul” (download mp3)
“Diary of an Old Soul” (play)
(Luvvers Club)

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Take A Trip Round Mr Kellogg’s House With Coney Island Sound

Pretty dark fun bright trippy slipping beat ponderances and glitch treats from Coney Island Sound. Their name fits their music – they’re all about that beachfront ancient arcade machines rusting see breeze blowing ocean sounds blending with esoteric entertainment devices and someone over there kissing. It’s good.

Coney Island Sound
“Introducing Mr Kellogg” (download mp3)
from “Songs From A Bedroom – A Regular Beat Compilation”
“Introducing Mr Kellogg” (play)
(Regular Beat Recording)
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Hooves That Gallop, Heels That March, Weaved By The Loom

Darkness, darkness. Trumpets, muttering, and darkness. Oh, and banjos. Before the explosion and the rain and the flood and the falling, falling. I don’t know what this is all about, but I sense the mossy underbelly of a Civil War battlefield, quiet on the surface, raging with ghosts just under the surface, in an unsettled soil. What is wrong with me? Gr8, strange work from The Loom, from Brooklyn.

The Loom
“For The Hooves That Gallop, And The Heels That March” (download mp3)
from “Teeth”
“For The Hooves That Gallop, And The Heels That March” (play)
(Crossbill Records)

Radiation City and “The Color of Industry”

Who wouldn’t want to live in Radiation City? Everything glows in the dark, and plants mutate and grow teeth and go all Little Shop Of Horrors when you walk by. It’s a great place to live and find inspiration, as evidenced by this band which takes its name from the fair city. Here’s their single, “The Color of Industry” – hot off the presses from Tender Loving Empire. Although the harmonies nod to Motown and Northern Soul, the production is refreshingly original. Very sweet.

Radiation City
“The Color of Industry” (download mp3)
from “The Hands That Take You”
“The Color Of Industry” (play)
(Tender Loving Empire)
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Enjoying an Ash Gray Sunday with Screaming Trees

If you don’t love the Screaming Trees, your indie cred is revoked. Now we have that snobbery out of the way (it’s true, though, if you’re not down with Screaming Trees you’ll have to shave your mustache and turn in your college radio station keys, sorry) ahem, but as I was saying! They really were an excellent band. This record, which is being released digitally today, is a lost treasure of 1990’s Seattle rock. Seattle in the 90’s was, if you recall, the center of the universe for a hot minute after Nirvana exploded. These recordings, made in Stone Gossard’s studio in the late 90’s, are now finally available for us to enjoy. “Ash Gray Sunday” is a free download, and it is the kind of beautiful angsty power pop you’d expect from these proto-grunge heroes.

Screaming Trees
“Ash Gray Sunday” (download mp3)
from “Last Words: The Final Recordings”
“Ash Gray Sunday” (play)
(Sunyata Records)

Extra Happy Ghost!!!’s Soothingly Stoned “Mercy Mercy”

As SFMusicSluts explained to me, “I’m not advocating the use of drugs but you should listen to this stoned….or tripping.” Now, I would never advocate the advocating of such things, or repeat such a thing but.. oh wait. Did I say that, or just think it? What the hell. Extra Happy Ghost!!! oozes out of Calgary, Canada with their own brand of slithering, Velvet Underground-inspired, carpet-searching drool-bliss. Oh make me stop! Wild tape echo feedback and lush male harmonies complete the opium den rainbow lava lamp picture. Enjoy responsibly.

Extra Happy Ghost!!!
“Mercy Mercy” (download mp3)
from “Modern Horses”
“Mercy Mercy” (play)
(Saved by Radio)
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Painting “Value Lines” in Brilliant Colors

Bounding forth gallantly into a reverby, jangly, tom tom-pounding pop heaven, this track from Brilliant Colors brand new album is.. brilliant and colorful! Refreshing super-indie wonderfulness. Thanks to the inimitable SFMusicSluts for turning me on to this delightful San Francisco trio.

Brilliant Colors
“Value Lines” (download mp3)
from “Again and Again”
“Value Lines” (play)
(Slumberland Records)
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The Nighty Nite Sleeps Tight In Mental Hospital

And now for something completely bent. The Nighty Nite, my dears, lead us on an audio excursion into acute and total madness. This is the sound of the inside of a lunatic’s brain in a lunatic asylum back when they still called them lunatic asylums and madhouses. It is likely that if you are unbalanced, this will push you off the deep end. It is sick, wrong, troubling material. Highly recommended.

The Nighty Nite
“In My Hospital Gown” (download mp3)
from “Dimples”
(Graveface Records)
“In My Hospital Gown” (play)
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Form and Fate Walks Through Flames, Brings Back Proggy Goodness

Here’s some fantastic instrumental prog rock for all you hedz out there. Form and Fate are a San Francisco “post-rock” band, making waves on 500 Records. Tres Bitchen. With an “e.” Like Frank Zappa used to say.

Form and Fate
“When the Streets Caught Fire and We All Walked Through the Flames” (download mp3)
from “Sol Invictus”
“When the Streets Caught Fire and We All Walked Through the Flames” (play)
(500 Records)

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Look Out My Window And Spy The Residents

The kings of weird are back. Not that they ever went away. Here we find our eyeball-headed friends performing music they developed over 40 dates on tour – the reverse of the traditional route of releasing an album and then touring to promote it. It’s listed as “Alternative, Rock” in the retail world, which made me cackle. 30 years or more into their run, The Residents still earn, more than anyone, the coveted genre classification of “Other.”

The Residents
“My Window” (download mp3)
from “Lonely Teenager”
(Cryptic Corporation)
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“My Window” (play)