We Like “Big Trev” Too, Sarandon

Sprightly and spastic, cute n’ quirky, this charming outburst from UK’s Sarandon is a perky bundle o’ joy. Not a band to get bogged down in the weighty issues of the day, these guys play fun songs, when they feel like it, because it’s fun. A fine philosophy.

“Big Trev” (download mp3)
from “The Age of Reason”
(Slumberland Records)
“Big Trev” (play)
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Little Pieces’ “I’m A Bull” Rocks Happy

“I’m a kid and you’re a candy store,” explains Little Pieces in this original power pop treat. Hurling metaphors and guitars into mounds of sugary goodness, the Seattle trio is every bit as talented and clever as they are lighthearted and fun. “I’m a Bull” is but a nibble of this gr8 sounding record, sensitively titled “Vampires Fill Their Waterbeds With Blood.” The single rocks, as does the whole album. You’ll want this one at the ready for sunny days ahead.

Little Pieces
“I’m A Bull” (download mp3)
from “Vampires Fill Their Waterbeds With Blood”
(Fortune Records)
“I’m A Bull” (play)
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Smoking Popes Only “Wish We Were”

Shannon Wheeler’s comic book hero Too Much Coffee Man once said, “unrequited love is like hitting your head against a wall that isn’t there.” Power poppers the Smoking Popes‘ brand new album opens with a smashing single that beats its head vigorously against that wall. A gr8 new take on an ancient theme, with lyrics that can only have been written by someone trying, however futilely, to stop wishing, this song hurts so good.

Smoking Popes
“Wish We Were” (download mp3)
from “This Is Only a Test”
(Asian Man Records)
“Wish We Were” (play)
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Don’ts Don’t Let Breakdown Get Them Down

San Francisco’s The Dont’s rock, yes they do. “Don’t let the breakdown get you down,” they explain. Words to live by. I dig The Dont’s. Psychedelic moddy power pop with wild vocals and excellent Feedback-Fu.

The Dont’s
“Breakdown” (download mp3)
from “Those Delicate Chemicals”
(The Dont’s)
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Young Mothers’ Tasty Twist On Power Pop

Tuscon’s Young Mothers have the power-pop thing nailed. But mixed in with the hyper-sweet melodies and tooth-decay harmonies are some off-kilter chord progressions, distorted vocals, and interesting production that bring this a notch above the norm.

Young Mothers
“Come On, The Cross” (download mp3)
from “Come On, The Cross 7inch”
(Fort Lowell Records)
“Come On The Cross” (play)

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The Upsidedown’s Goodly “Something Good”

Praise be to the indie rock. Thanks and adulation to the psychedelic power-pop drone-guitar seething musical lusty angst. The Upsidedown have recorded “Something Good” with guest appearances by Peter Buck and other indie rock royalty. It’s good.

The Upsidedown
“Something Good” (download mp3)
from “The Town With Bad Wiring”
(Reverb Records)

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The Upsidedown – “Something Good”

I LUV me some Chemistry Set!

I don’t know what Sheer Tazer Luv is but I sure do like it. Sweet, vaporous power pop. You need candy with your vitamins or you will become dull, and grey! Here is a rainbow of sugar-pop fluffy cloud yummy-bunnies for yr tummies.

The Chemistry Set
“Sheer Tazer Luv” (download mp3)
from “This Day Will Never Happen Again”
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The Chemistry Set – “Sheer Tazer Luv”

Dave Rave’s Ageless Power Pop

Dave Rave – “Anne Marie” mp3

Here’s a tasty bite of rock candy from Canadian power pop treasure, Dave Rave. Favorably recalling The Byrds, The Who and The Flaming Groovies, this is timeless guitar driven fun. If I didn’t peek at the release date, I honestly would never have been able to guess when this was recorded. Within the last year, kittins. Brand new, came out in June of 2010. The heart of power pop is beating strong. Thank you, Dave Rave and crew. “Anne-Marie” is a gr8, classic sounding single.

Dave Rave
“Anne-Marie” (mp3)
from “Live With What You Know”
(Bongo Beat Records)
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