The Fashion Slaves’ Beautiful Styrofoam World

Taking a page from Devo and a chapter from Alice In Wonderland, Berkeley’s Fashion Slaves let the styrofoam cat out of the styrofoam bag with their first mp3 release. It’s short and sweet and crispy and fun I can’t get that riff outta my styrofoam head. NY art rock, gone hella east bay. I love it.

The Fashion Slaves
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The Fashion Slaves – “Styrofoam” (mp3)
(Fun Fun Fun Recordings)

Bang Don’t Need Nobody

Completely freaky. This is a lost single from a band you’ve probably never heard about called Bang. Bang from Richmond, VA was a power trio of utmost gnarliness, lurching through the rock-o-sphere from 1971-1973. This is garage rock from the era just after Woodstock. Power pop youth-anthemic guitar mayhem from the Wayback Machine..

“Don’t Need Nobody” (download mp3)
from “Music / The Lost Singles”
“Don’t Need Nobody” (play)
(Bang Music)
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Anton Barbeau’s Blissfully Organic “Plastic Guitar”

Anton Barbeau is a rock star. He’s all brilliant and trippy and has GR8 hair. Andy Partridge loves him and so do I and if Wesley Willis were still alive he’d write a song about him. Here is “Plastic Guitar,” the title track from his critically orgasm’d over album. Originally from Sacramento, a place that artists leave, Barbeau now lives and tours in the UK. And yes, Adrienne Barbeau is his cousin.

Anton Barbeau
“Plastic Guitar” (download mp3)
from “Plastic Guitar”
“Plastic Guitar” (play)
(Pink Hedgehog Records)
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Snowden’s “Anti-Anti” Is Anti-Bad

I just want to float away on guitars like these.. if only the drums would stop making me dance. A perfect song for the drive to the party or the middle of nowhere. A double negative outburst of pop positivity wrapped in gooey distortion and hand-clap candy. I’m calling this power-pop because in 2011 I think it qualifies. Original yet dangerously catchy!

“Anti-Anti” (download mp3)
from “Anti-Anti”
(Jade Tree)
“Anti-Anti” (play)

Goin’ Nuclear With The Nuclears: Get Me Outta Here!

Still punkin’ out over here today, what’s come over me? Must be the weather. It’s FINALLY acting like summer in the Bay Area – warm, blue skies, no FREAKING HAIL AND TORNADOES like last week! No climate change here, nooooo. The cat has started shedding in earnest, signalling the onset of bikini weather, and I am digging this post-apocalyptic teen anthem from The Nuclears. Blatant positive references to The Stooges, The Clash, MC5, and all that good stuff. Melt down, baby.

The Nuclears
“Get Me Outta Here” (download mp3)
from “The Nuclears”
(Cockroach Media)
“Get Me Outta Here” (play)

Stepmothers’ “I Dream I’m Innocent” A Lost, Perfect Punk New Wave Gem

In this adventure of mine, in which I try to find one excellent free, legal mp3 to post each day, I’m often blown away by what I find. Whether it’s a new recording hot off the presses, or as in this case, an overlooked gem, I certainly haven’t run out of songs to post. If I do, I’ll stop, that’s my promise! Today isn’t that day. Today I found this amazing, punk-pop new wavey smash from the Stepmothers called “I Dream I’m Innocent.” The lyric is dark and disturbing, yet somehow funny and liberating. The playing is brilliant, the tones and production are brilliant, it’s just a gr8 single. Extra props for the album title “You Were Never My Age.” Heavy rotation, in my innocent dreams.

“(I Dream I’m) Innocent” (download mp3)
from “You Were Never My Age …And More – The Complete Recordings”
(Posh Boy Music)
“I Dream I’m Innocent” (play)
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Sloan’s “Unkind” So Kind On The Ears

Ha! I’m in love with this instantly. I guess most of us have been in a relationship like this at some point. A word of kind advice to the songwriter: RUN! GET AWAY! FLEE! It’s never going to work out. BUT! You got one KILLER power pop song out of the deal. Cut your losses and break up. OMG am I running an advice column now? Musically rooted in The Cars, Radiohead, Stones, Clash and so many other wonderful references, Sloan has a hot single here, perfectly produced and oh so pop. The second verse cracked me the fuck up.

“Unkind” (download mp3)
from “The Double Cross”
(Outside Music)
“Unkind” (play)
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I Am Caring About Insane Reaction’s “I Don’t Care”

Utterly trashy for-real punk rock alienation. I care about this. Insane Reaction are three young’uns from Orlando, Florida by way of Colombia. Born in the mid 90’s, when Green Day was still green, this is a generation down from when punk rock went mainstream. And you know what? It rocks! It’s legit. I love it. Have a listen.

Insane Reaction
“I Don’t Care” (download mp3)
from “Where’s My Pick – EP”
“I Don’t Care” (play)
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Malajube’s “Synesthsie” Is Synthy Sweet Heaven

Pop, o’ dreampop, oh glorious Euro power-luvpop. Great pop flying rainbow unicorns of pop! A delicious 80’s-ish new wave guitar-candy scape, wrapped snuggly in a fluffy sugar cloud bun. I couldn’t be happier.

Synesthsie” (download mp3)
from “La caverne”
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