Oranger goes under to take us higher

Oranger – “Going Under”

One of my first discoveries as a music blogger was this fantastic San Francisco indie pop rock band called Oranger. Their songs are so good, and they deliver them old school.  That is, they are a tight, actual (as opposed to virtual!) band, with real arrangement skills, and they play and sing their work with a joy and love for it that you can taste. This song is juicy gold.

“Going Under” (mp3)
from “Shutdown the Sun”
(Jackpine Social Club)

Need More!

Hello world!

I’m Superfan, die hard music fan. I decided there is so much gr8 music in on the Interwebs, I just had to start a new blog to slice through it and take you directly to the cream of the cream, as I see it! I have probably heard more new music in the last year than most people hear in their entire post-college lives! But I’m not braggin’ – I just want to share the fun with fellow music lovers who want to get turned on to some legitimately great stuff. You with me? Well let’s go then!

The Uptones – “East Of A Western Bay” mp3

An early instrumental work by Berkeley’s Ska music pioneers, The Uptones, this ebullient punk ska jazz opus was penned by the Rev. Paul Jackson. Originally on trumpet duties at the time of the band’s founding, Jackson soon moved to Hammond Organ and before long became one of their key songwriters. “East Of A Western Bay” is the lone instrumental cut from “The Uptones Live!! 924 Gilman” CD, and it rocks.

The Uptones – “East Of A Western Bay” mp3