Infernal Overdrive, “Duel”

Brooklyn’s Infernal Overdrive sound as if they were raised on a steady diet of Grand Funk Railroad. Their timing couldn’t be better with Van Halen recently touring and releasing and a new album, the public’s ears are tuned back into the 70’s rock channel. “Duel” is a rambunctious tune with big drums and plenty of power chords – so turn it up!

Infernal Overdrive
“Duel” (download mp3)
from “Last Rays of the Dying Sun”
(Small Stone Records)
Duel (play)


Kylesa, “Decend Within”

If you are, or you’re aspiring to be a metal head, you know the band Kylesa. Formed in Savannah, GA in 2001, “Descend Within” is from the band’s debut self-titled album. Known for their many interpretations of metal, “Descend Within” was laid down on a day the band felt like stoner-rock and math-rock sound awesome together, and they do.

Decend Within (play/download mp3)

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Punx Soundcheck “Nobody Move” Moves Plenty

Alright, lots of parties around the world today for various reasons. Is there ever a bad reason for a party? Methinks not. Here’s some fun ‘lectronic dance floor spaz material for any occasion. Music deconstructs itself down to molecules and electrons in the hands of today’s laptop wielding sound architects, to give us crispy club jamz like this. I like.

Punx Soundcheck
“Nobody Move” (download mp3)
from “Ghost House EP”
(Hottwerk Records)
“Nobody Move” (play)

Pink Anderson & Simmie Dooley, “Every Day In The Week Blues”

In the early 1960s Syd Barrett decided to juxtapose Pink Anderson’s first name with another obscure bluesman (Floyd Council), to form the name of his band Pink Floyd. Two decades before Barrett was born, Columbia Records recorded two 78s with Pink Anderson & Simmie Dooley in 1928. After releasing “Every Day In The Week Blues” (the ‘A’ side of the second 78), Pink Anderson toured and didn’t record again until the 1950s. “Every Day In The Week Blues” is an upbeat number with both Pink Anderson and Simmie Dooley playing guitar and singing verses. This is a beautiful tune that deserves to be heard.

Every Day in the Week Blues (play/download mp3)

Superbad dupstep!

East Coast dubstep producer Humble Dinosaur takes the vocal sample of “I’m Superbad” from the scene in the movie Superbad when they’re about to cop booze with a fake ID and Mc Fogell is trying to pussy out. Then HD slaps a billowing baseline down. The beat is slowed down to a drunken pace. Then the ‘worrier charge’ is let off in the background. All the ingredients to make an unruly and ominous tune that is sure to satisfy the itch of any dubstep junky.

Humble Dinosaur
“I’m Superbad” (download mp3)
from “Payin Dues”
I’m Superbad (play)

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Paraphernália, “22 De Setembro”

Rio de Janeiro’s instrumental band, Paraphernália play a refreshing blend of diverse musical genres. “22 De Setembro” is a groovy number that swings between jazz, funk, cumbia and ska. If The Uptones were from Brazil I think they would sound like Paraphernália.

“22 De Setembro” (download mp3)
from “Ritmo Explosivo”
“22 De Setembro” (play)

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Butterbeans and Susie w/King Oliver, “Kiss Me Sweet”

Butterbeans and Susie were never a household name in the middle and upper class, however they were one of the most successful comedic music acts on the black vaudeville circuit. Part of the couple’s (they were given $50 and married on stage as part of a comic bit) popularity came because they recorded and toured with many early-jazz greats, such as King Oliver. “Kiss Me Sweet” is an amorous tune about longing for a kiss from your lover, and baby, Susie sings it so sweet.

Kiss Me Sweet (play/download mp3)

OK Go, “Here Comes the Fire”

OK Go always seem to come up with the catchiest hooks that accentuate their longing-pop melodies and noisy-guitar tones, all placed over a steady rockin’ beat. The energetic chorus of “Here Comes the Fire” stays in your head long after the song’s final over-charged note. In other words: The perfect pop song.

“Here Comes the Fire” (download mp3)
from “adidas / MLS Represent – Rock The Pitch”
Here Comes the Fire (play)
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Alberta Hunter, “Nobody Knows the Way I Feel This Morning”

Alberta Hunter was a pioneering African-American singer, the first woman to erase the lines between soul, jazz, and pop music. “Nobody Knows the Way I Feel This Morning” recorded in 1921, is a sermon giving agency to women all over the world who are stuck with no good cheating men. “Nobody Knows the Way I Feel This Morning” has been covered by many great female African-American singers such as Dinah Washington and Aretha Franklin.

Nobody Knows the Way I Feel This Morning (play/download mp3)

The Wedding Present, “You Jane”

Formed in 1985, The Wedding Present have had a tumultuous ride on the music roller-coaster. From success with their DIY-self-releases, to “selling-out” to BMI in the late 80s, The Wedding Present is still here kicking out radio-ready pop, spiked with post UK punk attitude.

The Wedding Present
“You Jane” (download mp3)
from “You Jane”
You Jane” (play)

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