:Papercutz’s Secret Search Yields Mysterious Treasure

Papercutz – “A Secret Search” mp3

A cerebral journey lasting 5 minutes, traveling through various audio worlds. This are avant-garde, mama. Why me post it? Cos me likes it. Same reason I post me power pops and such. But this are not pop. This are lovely strange audio adventures. Very peaceful, and unusual. ‘Lectronica? Ambient? Sure, but call it what you like, this is my pick for July 1. Wishing you all a fine and uncommon day.
“A Secret Search” (mp3)
from “Do Outro Lado Do Espelho – Lylac Ambient Reworks”
(Audiobulb Records)

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When BROOKHAVEN’s Chorus Walks

BROOKHAVEN – “In June” mp3

Here’s a lovely instrumental track from Oakland, CA’s BROOKHAVEN, in their own ambient drone guitar style. It’s as if Joy Division left their angst at home and spent a nice afternoon with Brian Eno and some mild psychedelics. Exceedingly warm and inviting, like a sort of luminescent cocoon. You go in one side as an uncertain caterpillar, to emerge confident and beautiful 6:38 later as a well rested butterfly. Thank you, BROOKHAVEN.

“In June” (mp3)
from “When The Chorus Walks”
(Expel Records)

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Introducing, SuperFan2010!

So yeah, I went and did it, couldn’t leave all you lovely music lovers in the lurch, and I hafta post more gr8 music, so you this year you can find me @ SuperFan2010.com! I will leave superfan2009.com up, as it is entertaining a lot of happy visitors, and there will never be a time when the music discoveries I’ve posted here lose their lustre. To the contrary, gr8 music only sounds better with age, and the longer these posts are up, the more people will have the opportunity to discover and enjoy them. And that’s my mission here, with this labor of love! Here’s to a gr8 year of music and fun. xo

Berlin Symphony Orchestra takes “Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy” into new territory

Ah, the Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy, it had to eventually come to this. Bassoons loom whilst chimes jingle and drums bump in Berlin Symphony Orchestra’s adventurous take on the Tchaikovsky classic. Fraught with mystery and intrigue, this gem from the “Christmas Remixed 2” comp capers with a mischievous glee that honors the composition, even as it treads into new forests of sound and wonder.

Berlin Symphony Orchestra
“Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy” (mp3)
from “Christmas Remixed 2”
(Christmas Chill)
Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy” (play)
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Blag Dahlia’s “Extreme Skate Abuse” and other delights

Blag Dahlia – “Extreme Skate Abuse”

Blag Dahlia is best known as front man for The Dwarves. Anyone who knows his work and personality would understand this is not a man to be trifled with. But trifle they did, and, well, here is the result of someone asking to license the Dwarves’ recorded music without compensation.

Blag Dahlia
“Extreme Skate Abuse” (mp3)
from “Nina …And Other Delights”
(Greedy Media)

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