Meeting The Residents Again

Practicing their unique brand of sonic warfare for over three decades, The Residents are the kings of weird. Their costumes alone make me a fan, and their top-secret identities make them the ultimate anti-pop heroes. Just found their infamous Meet The Residents album online. Here is the single.

The Residents
“Breath and Length” (download mp3)
from “Meet The Residents”
(Cryptic Corporation)
“Breath and Length” (play)
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Finding Peace With Jah Wobble and The Nippon Dub Ensemble

Leave it to Jah Wobble to facilitate a merger of Jamaican dub music with Japanese traditional instruments and vocals reminiscent of Shinto religious ceremonies. What? No, really. It works, it works well, and it’s rather beautiful. This is my Sunday musical offering and I’m quite pleased with it.

Jah Wobble, The Nippon Dub Ensemble
“K Dub 05” (download mp3)
from “Japanese Dub”
“K Dub 05” (play)
(30 Hertz Records)
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Hezekiah Jones and the Mass Mind Malaise

Here’s a horn-heavy reggae-fueled track with a folky twist, from Philly’s Hezekiah Jones. Clearly not a band that will be limited by genre barriers, they swing wide, into a jazzy swing but almost klezmer-y place on the bridge here, before crashing back into a measured, ominous dub tempo. All this provides the perfect soundtrack for the deftly paranoid and oh-so-contemporary lyric. I love it.

Hezekiah Jones
“Mind Malaise” (download mp3)
from “Have You Seen Our New Fort?”
(Yer Bird Records)
“Mind Malaise” (play)
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Loch Lomond Sings The Praises Of Elephants & Little Girls

Here’s a great lilting ditty. Just the sort of thing I like to post on a lazy Sunday. I love the string instrumentation and sparse glockenspiel from the start. When the drums kick in, they give the piece an unexpected dynamic lift. The lead vocal has a gr8 unique quality, and the harmonies are exquisite. Think Neil Young sings Alice a lullaby after her first day down the rabbit hole! This earns the coveted classification genre: of “Other.”

Loch Lomond
“Elephants & Little Girls” (download mp3)
from “Little Me Will Start A Storm”
(Tender Loving Empire)
“Elephants & Little Girls” (play)
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“Joy To The World” Updated for 2010!

It’s a glorious electro disco dance remiXmas from Cathedral Brass. Huge classical brass band sounds charge over funky beats to bring “Joy To The World” out of the dusty cupboards of Christmas Past, into a lively party of the Jolly Present. Happy Holidays to all you music lovers everywhere!

Cathedral Brass
“Joy To The World (Mocean Worker Remix)” (download mp3)
from “Holiday Dance Party – The Christmas Remixes”
(Christmas Chill)
“Joy To The World (Mocean Worker Remix)” (play)
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Floating thru Gregory & The Hawk’s “Landscapes”

This track makes me feel like I’m inside a music box. That’s not a bad thing. The novel cast of instruments lay down a great bed for flawless and unique vocals to rest. Original and beautiful.

Gregory & The Hawk
“Landscapes” (download mp3)
from “Leche”
(Fat Cat Records)
“Landscapes” (play)

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Scrabbel’s Oddly Peaceful “Riot Series”

If you ever wondered what it would sound like if symphony orchestras included groovin’ drums and a Gameboy, you could get an idea from this song from San Francisco’s Scrabbel. Vintage futuristic!

“Riot Series” (download mp3)
from “1909”
(Three Ring Records)
“Riot Series” (play)

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Team B comes with an A single

From Brooklyn’s Team B, “Genesis/Reply To Censure” earns my rare and distinguished genre categorization of “Other.” The very reason I spend uncounted hours seeking gr8 undiscovered music is that sometimes I am rewarded with something as original and lovely as this.

Team B
“Genesis/Reply To Censure” (download mp3)
from “Genesis/Reply To Censure 7″ – Single”
(Hi-Scores Recording Library)
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Team B – “Genesis/Reply To Censure”

The Troggs make a bloody Number One!

Ah, the unspeakably funny and cringe-worthy Troggs tape. The gr8est fly on the wall document of a band melting down ever recorded. Often cited as the inspiration behind Spinal Tap, this mp3 oozes absurdity and dysfunction. There’s a fine moment, when you hear the guitar player doing his part, and someone shouts “YEAH!” in the talk-back mic, the guitarist continues playing EXACTLY the same part, and the voice comes in again with “NO!” Shortly thereafter there is a sort of cackle, the unmistakable croak of a grown man cracking. Sickly pleasurable. They may not have gotten their number one out of this, but they sure have entertained millions of people with this unintended meme. For the band that did “Wild Thing,” tis an inglorious end. For the advanced class, try the Infamous Troggs Tapes Megamix.

The Infamous Troggs Tapes (play/download mp3)

When The Choir Sets In, take yr Acid Plutonium

Acid Plutonium! – “And Then The Choir Sets In” mp3

Strangest song ever. And I DIG it. I dig when a band seems to make a purpose of bending minds.  It used to be called psychedelic I suppose. But in 2010, after punk rock, after the dawn and dusk of rave, after Burning Man, Mr. Bungle and Sarah Palin, what does one DO to present a bit of oddness? A group called Acid Plutonium! from Arhus, Denmark  has a suitable answer. This is truly and completely bent. And quite a musical achievement. Enjoy.

Acid Plutonium!
“And Then The Choir Sets In!” (mp3)
from “Acid Plutonium!”
(AP Records)
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