Kinda In Love With M+A’s “Liko Lene Lisa”

Begin the worshiping process as M+A’s whispered druggy sex insidiousness works its toy piano magic. Oh gawd they had to put a trumpet there, kill me nicely, oh dear. What is it with me and lone trumpets and trippy make-out music lately? Is it the season? Anyway, I really like M+A’s “Liko Lene Lisa” like, I really like, like, I want to snuggle it like a kitty and such. So there you have it.

“Liko Lene Lisa” (download mp3)
from “Things.Yes”
“Liko Lene Lisa” (play)
(Monotreme Records)
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MarchFourth Marching Band Gets DelhiBelly-Full

Te bells, the bells. They serve me well. Here’s some jazzbo gypsy eastern-leaning brass fun for your medicine. Fishbone meets Jazz Mafia in a alleyway in Delhi for some spicy fried drum skins. Brilliant instrumental goodness that u don’t wanna sleep on. Mmm, that’s some fine playin’. Extra crispy.

MarchFourth Marching Band
“Delhi Belly” (download mp3)
from “Magnificent Beast”
“Delhi Belly” (play)
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Radiation City and “The Color of Industry”

Who wouldn’t want to live in Radiation City? Everything glows in the dark, and plants mutate and grow teeth and go all Little Shop Of Horrors when you walk by. It’s a great place to live and find inspiration, as evidenced by this band which takes its name from the fair city. Here’s their single, “The Color of Industry” – hot off the presses from Tender Loving Empire. Although the harmonies nod to Motown and Northern Soul, the production is refreshingly original. Very sweet.

Radiation City
“The Color of Industry” (download mp3)
from “The Hands That Take You”
“The Color Of Industry” (play)
(Tender Loving Empire)
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Dead Black Hearts’ Dismal Beauty

Very dark yet bright. Shimmeringly bleak. A world of contradictions. A soul at war. Dead Black Hearts peer under the hood of that strange vehicle the human, and report back.

Dead Black Hearts
“Ambush!” (download mp3)
from “The Southern Front”
“Ambush!” (play)
(MONOLATHE Recordings)
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Appetite Warns Me Right

Here’s a quirky little pop journey through the woods of quiet angst, from an artist called Appetite. I don’t think I’ve ever heard Marimba used in quite this way before. Or is that a thumb piano? In any case, this is a delightfully original piece, from a brand new album, just released on Crossbill Records. Très trippy.

“Warn Me, Right” (download mp3)
from “Scattered Smothered Covered”
“Warn Me Right” (play)
(Crossbill Records)

Joe Gore goes Mental 99 on “Mr. Reno”

Joe Gore plays guitar with his brain. The multi-talented writer and musician gets his gray matter around an idea and bends steel strings and effects to his creative will. He’s done this on records with Tom Waits, PJ Harvey and an impressive list of others. On the original and quirky “Mr. Reno” Mr. Gore explores an expanding theme over the tumbling drums of Dawn Richardson (of Four Non Blondes fame). As you guitar geeks out there will know, it’s a rare enough thing to hear that most jarring of effects – the Ring Modulator – used for anything but evil. Here it is used as a force for good. Mental 99 indeed. Tip (and Happy Birthday!) to Subverse.

Mental 99
“Mr. Reno” (download mp3)
from “Mental 99”
“Mr. Reno” (play)
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The Nighty Nite Sleeps Tight In Mental Hospital

And now for something completely bent. The Nighty Nite, my dears, lead us on an audio excursion into acute and total madness. This is the sound of the inside of a lunatic’s brain in a lunatic asylum back when they still called them lunatic asylums and madhouses. It is likely that if you are unbalanced, this will push you off the deep end. It is sick, wrong, troubling material. Highly recommended.

The Nighty Nite
“In My Hospital Gown” (download mp3)
from “Dimples”
(Graveface Records)
“In My Hospital Gown” (play)
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Look Out My Window And Spy The Residents

The kings of weird are back. Not that they ever went away. Here we find our eyeball-headed friends performing music they developed over 40 dates on tour – the reverse of the traditional route of releasing an album and then touring to promote it. It’s listed as “Alternative, Rock” in the retail world, which made me cackle. 30 years or more into their run, The Residents still earn, more than anyone, the coveted genre classification of “Other.”

The Residents
“My Window” (download mp3)
from “Lonely Teenager”
(Cryptic Corporation)
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“My Window” (play)

Meanwhile, in a tUnE-yArD far far away

In an imagined universe, one which I’d like to visit, THIS is POP music. In an imagined world, where pop music is still a living, changing, innovative, fun and interesting thing, this is a hit. Today I will live in that parallel wonderland, and I will visit tUnE-yArDs, and bask in the sunlight of Merrill Garbus’ unique and generous gifts. You’re invited!

“Sunlight” (download mp3)
from “Bird-Brains”
(Marriage Records)
“Sunlight” (play)
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Le Reno Amps Rather Breathtaking “Never Be Alone”

Like Kurt Weill wandering through a Victorian music box, Le Reno Amps presents a spectacularly strange cinematic wonderscape. I love this with both ears. And it’s not like I would be late to post on 4-20-2011, now would I? Never happen. Here my dears, is a trip.

Le Reno Amps
“Never Be Alone” (download mp3)
from “Appetite”
(Armellodie Records)
Never Be Alone (play)
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