After a long year I rediscover Matt & Kim

Matt & Kim – “No More Long Years” mp3

My unabashed love affair with Matt & Kim began last year. Today they win my heart again with this scrumptious bit of angsty lust-addled ennui. Note, I said “angsty,” “addled,” and “ennui” in the same sentence.  So new wave are we, my dears Matt & Kim, that we have no need for a bass guitar, do we? No. Just square wave analog-y synths and pounding acoustic drums accompany the glorious vocal descent into disillusionment. Why does it make me so happy?

Matt & Kim
“No More Long Years” (mp3)
from “Self Titled”

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Radio Vago’s precarious “Mail Order Bride”

Radio Vago – “Mail Order Bride” mp3

Here’s a right pissed off outburst of hardcore new wave, all about mail order bride-hood. The chorus says it all: “I’m for sale.” This is feminism without the big heavy textbook. Musically it’s like B-52s meets Dead Kennedys. Radio Vago from Los Angeles, CA. “Mail Order Bride” indeed. I’ll take three, thank you.

Radio Vago
“Mail Order Bride” (mp3)
from “Black & White Photo Enterprise”
(Buddyhead Records)

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Working For The Rat Race Again

The Specials – “Rat Race” mp3

As any ska fan is already aware, The Specials are back from a wee 30 year vacation to skank the world to bits again. This unique band played its first adrenaline-fueled beats in the late 70’s, as the last echoes of the Pistols faded from the scene. While punk had introduced dub and reggae – thru the Slits, the Clash and others – to a generation of English youth, it was this sharp dressed bunch from Coventry who dug deeper into Jamaican music roots, to serve up a fresh batch of ebullient and joyously rebellious ska music. Without them, ska may have never become the internationally loved genre it is today. Here’s “Rat Race” – from their 2nd album “More Specials” – a must have, and I don’t usually go on about about “must haves.” Enjoy.

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The Modern aka Matinee Club’s Discotheque Francais

The Modern aka Matinee Club – “Discotheque Francais Spektrum 12i Mix”

The Modern aka Matinee Club delivers a most decadent pastry of disco new wave booty worship, in Discotheque Francais. It may be odd to talk about an “old school vocoder” track, but that’s what it is now, babies. What’s old is new and what’s new is older, or as the Buzzcocks once so eloquently put it, we are, “surfing on a wave of nostalgia for an age yet to come.” Lovely straight up female and male lead vox as well, with analog-y glitchy synth-y bon-bons melting about. This music presents a revisionist glance at how disco in the future would look, if today we’re 1978! Got it? Good. It makes sense, really. Plus, I love this track. Very sexy, groovy, indie dance floor fun. Enjoy. But if you get your hair “feathered,” I cannot be held not responsible.

The Modern aka Matinee Club
“Discotheque Francais (Spektrum 12i Mix)” (mp3)
from “Life in the Modern World”
(Ninthwave Media)

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Helplessly Smitten with Oh No Ono

Oh No Ono – “Helplessly Young” mp3

Helplessly, oh so helplessly young. Young Subverse clued me into this – said it sounded like early Blondie. He nailed it – this does remind of those wonderful power-pop new wave torrents of hormones that Debby Harry and posse unleashed in the 70’s. Shades of XTC and Go-Gos also color the proceedings. Comparisons aside, there’s a lot of gr8 new information in this slab o’ avante-poppe. It’s a bold composition, with a miles-wide chord progression for the superb lyric and melody to fly around in. The instrumental work is inventive and fresh, the vocals stellar.  Ace work from Oh No Ono, str8 outta Copenhagen.

Oh No Ono
“Helplessly Young” (mp3)
from “Eggs”
(Friendly Fire Recordings)

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