New Bleeders, “Ox Blood”

I’m loving this new angst-y new wave mp3, “Ox Blood.” The New Bleeders are from Belgium and that’s about all you are going to find out about them. I believe they are too busy writing songs that will have you mentally crawling up the walls, and don’t have time to do any sort of PR/Marketing type stuff.

New Bleeders
“Ox Blood” (download mp3)
(Kinky Star Records)
Ox Blood” (play)
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Ghost Knife’s “Soft Bullets” Hit The Spot

Soft bullets, what a good idea. What good are hard bullets? They cause such problems. And as Jesse Michaels once sang in Operation Ivy, “once it’s fired no one can control it.” Yes. These soft ones are also punk rock. In the finest tradition of 999, The Damned and the like, Ghost Knife punks out proper and hurls “Soft Bullets” right at your heart. Feels good. I like it.

Ghost Knife
“Soft Bullets” (download mp3)
from “Kill Shelter, Yes!”
“Soft Bullets” (play)
(End Sounds)

East Bay Ray Raises The Stakes Again

Ah, East Bay Ray, famed Dead Kennedy and innovator of surf punky guitar madness, is back in a new group bearing his name. This is good for the universe. So what does it sound like? Like a guy from the Dead Kennedys, playing guitar in a new band called East Bay Ray and The Killer Smiles! I mean it sounds exactly like that. Killer. I’m smiling.

East Bay Ray and The Killer Smiles
“Raising the Stakes” (download mp3)
from “East Bay Ray and The Killer Smiles”
“Raising The Stakes” (play)
(MVD Audio)
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Few and Far Between and The Wolf Who Cried Boy

A foggy AM here in Oakberg. Time for some electro pop to go with the gray fuzzys. Yes, a little new wave Romantica from across the Atlantica will do nicely. They’re actually not from Europa I don’t think, but the sound on this track is pleasantly 80’s Paris London Berlin. It’s the Wolf Who Cried Boy Remix, Coming to Get You baby. From an entire album of remixes of Few and Far Between by various artistes. Approval.

Few and Far Between
“Coming to Get You (Wolf Who Cried Boy Remix)” (download mp3)
from “Farewell Sea”
“Coming to Get You (Wolf Who Cried Boy Remix)” (play)
(Elkion Records)
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Stepmothers’ “I Dream I’m Innocent” A Lost, Perfect Punk New Wave Gem

In this adventure of mine, in which I try to find one excellent free, legal mp3 to post each day, I’m often blown away by what I find. Whether it’s a new recording hot off the presses, or as in this case, an overlooked gem, I certainly haven’t run out of songs to post. If I do, I’ll stop, that’s my promise! Today isn’t that day. Today I found this amazing, punk-pop new wavey smash from the Stepmothers called “I Dream I’m Innocent.” The lyric is dark and disturbing, yet somehow funny and liberating. The playing is brilliant, the tones and production are brilliant, it’s just a gr8 single. Extra props for the album title “You Were Never My Age.” Heavy rotation, in my innocent dreams.

“(I Dream I’m) Innocent” (download mp3)
from “You Were Never My Age …And More – The Complete Recordings”
(Posh Boy Music)
“I Dream I’m Innocent” (play)
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Breaking Down w/ Bruce Joyner and The Reconstruction’s “Invisible Smile”

Of the many forces in life that drive artists to make art – love, loss, joy, pain and myriad other inspirations – one of my favorites is the post modern angst ridden existential crisis. Who doesn’t have them? Hearing a fellow human articulate same is somehow comforting and cathartic. Funny, even. To that end, I present Atlanta, GA gentlemen Bruce Joyner and The Reconstruction, completely freaking out. A rant, meticulously arranged into a new wave meets prog rock format. Take it away, Bruce.

Bruce Joyner and The Reconstruction
“Invisible Smile” (download mp3)
from “Elements”
(Haunted Lake Records)
“Invisible Smile” (play)
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The Delicious’ deliciously clever “Hokusai”

The Delicious – “Hokusai” mp3

Holy clever indie rock Batman! This is like XTC on Ecstasy freaking out and sniffing ground up college radio playlists! A simple pop song this is not. But catchy as hell it is, and if you have a high IQ and energy drinks you’ll keep up just fine! The opposite of a no-brainer, “Hokusai” by The Delicious is a fine composition, expertly and joyously delivered by smart people.

The Delicious
“Hokusai” (mp3)
from “Postcard To My Sewing Circle – EP”
(Joyful Noise Recordings)

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Enter Hi Red Center’s Psychedelic Wonderland

Hi Red Center – “Symmetry Chameleon” mp3

Ah the joys of avant-poppe. The effervescent offspring of Yes and King Crimson, Hi Red Center cavorts gleefully amongst flowers that smile and streetlights that sing. It all changes color at every turn, so you have to watch closely, but the more you do the less it stays the same anyway, so you might as well enjoy the ride. “Symmetry Chameleon” by Hi Red Center, my dears. A fine original piece, beautifully realized. I’m all tingly.

Hi Red Center
“Symmetry Chameleon” (mp3)
from “Assemble”
(Joyful Noise Recordings)
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R We Not Robots? We R Phenomenauts

The Phenomenauts – “I Am Not Robot” mp3

Hailing from a planet near Oakland, CA whose name you can’t pronounce, The Phenomenauts have been practicing their space-o-billy stage wizardry for over a decade in earth years. For them it is but an eye blink, and here we find the ‘nauts in a do-wopppish state of robot reverie, dreaming of electric sheep. This is a band that set up uninvited outside the Warped Tour one summer, played with a generator next to their van, which itself looks like a comic space ship, won fans over and were eventually added to the tour lineup. That’s badass. Robots or not, these guys have tons of heart. And this song is gr8.

The Phenomenauts
“I Am Not Robot” (mp3)
from “Electric Sheep: Electronic Extended Play”
(Silver Sprocket)

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I’m LOVING Static Age’s “Count The Dead”

The Static Age – “Count The Dead” mp3

This beautiful track by The Static Age stopped me in my tracks this morning. A gr8 song lyrically, “Count The Dead” is delivered on a music bed that reminds favorably of early U2, Killing Joke and Cure material. It’s a very affecting piece which you could loosely say is about humanity’s tendency to war, but what makes the song powerful is that it observes rather than explains, asks rather than answers. Marvelous work.

The Static Age
“Count The Dead” (mp3)
from “Blank Screens”
(ReIgnition Recordings)

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