Goatsnake “Easy Greasy”

LA’s Goatsnake originally recorded “Easy Greasy” for their Flower of Disease album released in 2000. Heavy percussion follows some of the most tuned-down guitar work since Black Sabbath. Listen to the lyrics, it’s a love song written for fans of metal, or for fans of worthy music.

Goatsnake “Easy Greasy (play/download mp3)

Russian Circles – “Death Rides a Horse”

Yes, 3-piece instrumental band Russian Circles can be compared to a lot of instrumental bands, but a lot of bands don’t have the pounding metal riffs combined with sweeping sonic changes like Russian Circles. “Death Rides a Horse” is from Circles’ first self-released EP, and still stands as the sonic blue-print of their catalog.

Russian Circles – “Death Rides a Horse (play/download mp3)

Dead And Gone – “Phantom Limb”

Listening to Dead And Gone is like huffing gasoline while driving 200 miles per hour on a single-lane highway in complete darkness. It’s the same old story: boy meets girl, boy loses girl; boy finds girl again only to get shot at point blank range after buying a wedding ring for his future bride. Don’t be fooled by the beautiful cover art adorning their Alternative Tentacles’ debut, God Loves Everyone But You. What waits inside for you is full-on dark, droning, brooding rage waiting to be unleashed into your brain.

Dead and Gone – “Phantom Limb (play/download mp3)

Hordak’s Pagan Metal Memories

I haven’t posted a metal track in a while, and this monstrosity by Spanish pagan dealers of doom Hordak is too gr8 to ignore. Raging hardcore metal with prog rock influences and a twist of emo pop to help it go down good, all ridiculously tight and well executed. Hordak, my dears. Genuflect.

“Save Your Memories” (download mp3)
from “There’s No Regret”
(Acuity Music)
“Save Your Memories” (play)
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Loving Thunder’s Thunderous Loving

Before heavy metal was called “metal” and got all speeded up, it sounded heavy – like great shards of metal colliding and melting together in the sky. Loving Thunder‘s music is like that. This sonically massive title track from their “Photographing the Wild” album is a stunner. Very Seattle in the guitar department. There’s still something in the water there which makes electric guitars sound more beastly and immense. The drums and riffs are more Zep than Nirvana, and the vocal is delivered in a beautifully creepy octave harmony like monks gone to the dark side. A quote on their myspace says simply, “The future, as envisioned by teenage stoners, in the 70’s.” Pretty f00kin accurate.

Loving Thunder
“Photographing the Wild” (download mp3)
from “Photographing the Wild”
(Hot Dog City Record Co.)
Photographing the Wild (play)

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Saviours’ Accelerated Roaming Rocks Hard

Saviours – “We Roam” mp3

What do you expect from a band called Saviours whose record cover involves demons, naked devil chicks and general quasi-biblical mayhem? If you guessed stoner-metal meets speed-metal meets black-metal a’la Sabbath meets Exodus but completely contemporary and exquisitely executed, you win! This kicks buckets of ass. Saviours hail (Satan) from my hometown of Oakland, CA, which has (not so) quietly become the epicenter of a new metal renaissance. Go forth and bang thy head.

“We Roam” (mp3)
from “Accelerated Living”

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Supergroup Supermercado’s Supersingle, “Out Of Time”

Big rock, big fun, big harmonies and big riffs from this band of rock n’ roll vets from Chicago, IL. Boasting a sea of instrumental and vocal chops, Supermercado covers a lot of stylistic ground in their energetic and eminently accessible approach. You’ll hear in their sound influences as broad as Guns n’ Roses, Living Colour, Van Halen, and Fishbone. “Out Of Time” even recalls the industrial-rock breakthrough of Filter’s “Hey Man, Nice Shot.” Put that in yer pod and smoke it. Massive, completely realized, contemporary rawk.

“Out Of Time” (download mp3)
from “Chupacabra”
(Dark Star Records)
Out Of Time (play)

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