Kylesa, “Decend Within”

If you are, or you’re aspiring to be a metal head, you know the band Kylesa. Formed in Savannah, GA in 2001, “Descend Within” is from the band’s debut self-titled album. Known for their many interpretations of metal, “Descend Within” was laid down on a day the band felt like stoner-rock and math-rock sound awesome together, and they do.

Decend Within (play/download mp3)

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Are Those Your Friends? Yes, Unleash The Fury

Here’s some pissed off raging metal emo-core from Are Those Your Friends. These boys are from Germany, but it sounds like they’ve been living on the Warped Tour bus for tens years. “Unleash The Fury” they suggest.

Are Those Your Friends
“Unleash The Fury” (download mp3)
from “Lambs Turn Into Lions (Bonus Track Version)”
“Unleash The Fury” (play)
(Acuity Music)
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Freedom Hawk Drops A Mighty “Thunderfoot”

Is it just me or does the lead singer of Freedom Hawk sound like Ozzy, post Black Sabbath? You know I like my metal heavy, big and gnarly, with lots of gnarls. Wussified cookie monster child’s play this is not. On the very totally baddass Small Stone Records label. Go forth and bang thy head.

Freedom Hawk
“Thunderfoot” (download mp3)
from “Holding On”
“Thunderfoot” (play)
(Small Stone Records)

Final Prayer’s Final Hour Is Just The Beginning

From the seething cauldron of culture and politics that is Berlin, comes one blistering hardcore metal band called Final Prayer. The single “Final Hour” flies completely off the chain. Ferocious grinding total metal mayhem. According to their blurby on IODA Promonet, Final Prayer’s music is “inspired by life in Berlin — a city that has inspired all forms of political opposition ranging from the early workers movement to anti-fascist resistance to student uprisings in the 1970s and todays attempts to reclaim the city from becoming another boring, fully commercialized hipster town.” Well now. That’s something to rage about. These guys tour all over Europe and rock very hard with cookie monster.

Final Prayer
“Final Hour” (download mp3)
from “Berlin”
“Final Hour” (play)
(Acuity Music)
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Forensics, “Boat Day At The Marina”

Things To Do When You Should Be Dead Anyway is the debut full length from Virginia’s FORENSICS, who play a monolithic, mountainous brand of heavy guitar-driven rock. “Boat Day At The Marina” is designed to make you scowl and bang your head while beating on your steering wheel. Part hardcore, part math rock, part prog-metal, this group crafts songs with zero genre discrimination.

Boat Day At The Marina (play/download mp3)

Getting Lucky With Ironweed’s “The Lucky Ones”

Fukn rawk. Ironweed sounds like their name. Metal in a room full of bong smoke. It delights me to no end that people still get together to make music like this. Complete with the gnarly double guitar leads and true, old school metal vocals. GR8 fun.

“The Lucky Ones” (download mp3)
from “Your World of Tomorrow”
“The Lucky Ones” (play)
(Small Stone Records)
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A Fiery Maelstrøm Of Broken Oaths

I haven’t posted a hardcore metal song in a while. Current events demand it. So here is something brand new from Oathbreaker. A GR8 screeching, droning panic of urgent, terrible mayhem. A colossal tsunami of ominous guitars wash over drowning, flailing drums, leaving nothing in their wake. It pleases Superfan.

“Origin” (download mp3)
from “Maelstrøm”
“Origin” (play)
(Deathwish Inc.)
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Vulvagun Vanquishes “The Black Pyramid”

Aussie metal outfit Vulvagun is as awesome and ridiculous as their name. Great Gothic arches of sex, death and winged mythical beasts loom and do battle for our entertainment, edification and doom. Gr8 metal lead singing here, plus a most excellent nod to The Omen soundtrack. This really kicks buckets of ass. Dude.

“The Black Pyramid” (download mp3)
from “Born of Sand and Snow”
“The Black Pyramid” (play)
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Assacre “I Have Fifteen Legs”

Ever wanted to know what Metallica would sound like if they still had that fire they had in the early days, Lars stayed home like he should, a better drummer showed up, and (mercifully) James Hetfield’s mic was broken so he couldn’t spew his lame lyrics all over the track? Assacre has this sound nailed and it ROCKS!! This is taken from his first self-relesed EP, Impossibly Silent. The CD is out of print so keep your mitts on “I Have Fifteen Legs” and impress your metal enthusiast friends with this esoteric track.

Assacre – “I Have Fifteen Legs (play/download mp3)