Eddy-K from Havana to Miami to the World

Eddy-K – “Mami Besame”

Let’s party. Eddy-K from Cuba, now residing in Miami, brews up a joyous and powerful dance music that treads into zones of reggaeton, hip-hop, old school Cuban big band style, and str8 up contemporary pop. However you break it down, this track is a winner. Exuberant, fun, and truly international stuff.

“Mami Besame” (mp3)
from “Asalto”
(Premium Latin Music)

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Say “Ponta de lança africano – Umbabarauma”

Jorge Ben – “Ponta de lana africano – Umbabarauma”

I love the rhythm guitar riff that sets this track up and drives it along so much it drives me crazy. The vocals are magnificent, the percussion bubbling, the whole thing is intoxicating.  A seamless blend of African and Cumbia and rock styles, off the 21 year celebration/comp from David Byrne’s brilliant Luaka Bop label. So hot.

Jorge Ben
“Ponta de lança africano – Umbabarauma” (mp3)
from “Twenty First Century Twenty First Year”
(Luaka Bop)

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TerzaRima takes the “Moonlight Express”

Here’s a sweet bossanova jazz instrumental that shows what a gorgeous sound just two guitars and a drummer can produce in the hands of superb players. I’m sure at least one Kathleen is loving it! Unpolluted musical joy.

“Dance for Kathleen” (download mp3)
from “Moonlight Express”
(Tea Room Records)
Dance for Kathleen (play)

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Los Lonely Boys early live mp3!

Los Lonley Boys – “Friday Night”

Just some tried and true old school houserockin’ blues, baby. And anyone who drops “Stacey Adams” in a lyric gets bonus points from this Fan. Los Lonely Boys, live and uncut, before they were famous.

Los Lonely Boys
“Friday Night” (mp3)
from “Live At Blue Cat Blues – Dallas Texas”
(Blue Cat Blues Records)

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Buena Vista Social Club owns Carnegie Hall!

Certainly one of the major musical events of the turn of the 21st century was and is the worldwide recognition of the Buena Vista Social Club. The story would be great anyway, but with music this good, this joyous and unpretentious, it becomes a unifying force that renders borders and politics impotent.

Buena Vista Social Club
“De Camino a la Vereda (live)” (download mp3)
from “Buena Vista Social Club At Carnegie Hall”
(World Circuit)
Buena Vista Social Club – “De Camino a la Vereda (live)” (play)

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The Krayolas, from Texas with Love

The Krayolas – “All I Do Is Try”

Pop rock candy based on early Beatles and the Young Rascals, delivered with love by San Antonio, Texas darlings, The Krayolas. So pop, and so right.

The Krayolas
“All I Do Is Try” (mp3)
from “Best Riffs Only”
(Talking Taco Music)

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Márcio Local Says “Soul Do Samba”

Marcio Local – “Soul Do Samba”

Take equal parts soul and samba, do a hip-hop en español thing over it, and then rock it out like Santana. And you can kinda imagine what’s goin’ down here. Now that I have this track, it’s impossible not play it at my next party. What wonderful, joyous music. It’s discoveries like this that make it necessary for me to blog.

Márcio Local
“Soul Do Samba” (mp3)
from “Márcio Local Says Don Day Don Dree Don Don”
(Luaka Bop)

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Eric Fernandez makes a joyful sound

Eric Fernandez – “Entre Dos Aguas”

What qualifies as “feel good music?” Why, music that makes you feel good! And this, my dear readers, is feel good music du jour on the Superfan 2009 blog. Joyous midtempo flamenco with a modern twist. Crackling rhythms and inspired solos weave a veritable tapestry of carefree fun. Enjoy, you deserve it.

Eric Fernandez
“Entre Dos Aguas” (mp3)
from “Verdine Tempo”

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Mariza’s “Fado em mim” brings Fado to the world

Mariza – “Loucura”

Lordamercy, what a voice! No surprise that Mariza has become a huge star in Portugal and is buzzing big in England and around the globe. Have a listen and you’ll understand what Fado music is all about, and why Mariza’s album is called “Fado em mim” – which means “Fado in me.” Heartfelt virtuoso solo singing, over a sweet folky guitar arrangement that almost whispers of flamenco. Breathtaking.

“Loucura” (mp3)
from “Fado em mim”
(World Connection BV / Times Square)

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