Paraphernália, “22 De Setembro”

Rio de Janeiro’s instrumental band, Paraphernália play a refreshing blend of diverse musical genres. “22 De Setembro” is a groovy number that swings between jazz, funk, cumbia and ska. If The Uptones were from Brazil I think they would sound like Paraphernália.

“22 De Setembro” (download mp3)
from “Ritmo Explosivo”
“22 De Setembro” (play)

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Mexican Institute of Sound Throws A Carnaval

I love a great band name, and I love it even better when a band more than lives up to it. Here is a glorious blend of modern and traditional musics, seamlessly rendered by a tight group with a hot horn section.

Mexican Institute of Sound
“Carnaval” (download mp3)
from “Suave Patria – EP”
(Nacional Records)
“Carnaval” (play)

Los Angelitos’ Mad Mad Mad Mad World

The funk. The east bay grease. The funky fresh 1990’s ultra-East Bay greasebizzle from those captains of nightclub industry, Los Angelitos. “Mad About You” is the opening cut from their “See you at the nightclub!” album, finally available as mp3. Get it at CD Baby. Great stuff.

Los Angelitos – “Mad About You”
(right click, “save as” to download the mp3, or left click to play)

Y la Bamba drops LP “Lupon” + single “Juniper”

Y la Bamba – “Juniper” mp3

What if a female Thom Yorke had an epiphany while crossing the border between Mexico and a sort of Disney-fied Catholic heaven in the Salton Sea? You might find it sounds rather like this. A strange and wonderful record by Y la Bamba produced by The Decemberists’ Chris Funk. Mexico native singer-songwriter Luz Elena mined these songs from much travel and adventure in India, New Zealand, California and beyond. She finally landed in Portland, Oregon where she recorded them all. Out this month on the Tender Loving Empire label. Brilliant and courageous work.

Y la Bamba
“Juniper” (mp3)
from “Lupon”
(Tender Loving Empire)
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TchucbandioniS’ Ev@r So FunkAy “Valvulado”!

TchucbandioniS- “Valvulado” mp3

Here’s a chanting funky latin-rockr, suitable for dance floor clowning or a fine summer’s day BBQ. “Valvulado” is a single from Sao Paulo, Brasil’s dynamic TchucbandioniS – a somewhat mysterious entity I can find little info about on the Googlenets. But I love this track, and it’s all about one gr8 mp3 a day here in Superfanland. So here, my pretties, is a musical offering for Saturday, Sep. 11, 2010. A genre-mashing international jazz funk rock latin burst of flavor. Enjoy.

“Valvulado” (mp3)
from “O Novo Transmissor”
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Brian Lopez’s “Maslow’s Hierarchy” an Improbable Gem

Brian Lopez – “Maslow’s Hierarchy” mp3

Brian Lopez‘ voice goes wherever it wants to on this wild exploration of psychologist Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theory. Its  an unusual song topic, to say the least, but you never know where a song will come from, and like any good song, this one wins by its own rules. With a distinctive warble that he carries up and down his range, Tucson, Arizona native Lopez delivers it live on guitar and vocals, backed by a thoughtful and tight combo.  Romantic, mystical, and entirely unique.

Brian Lopez
“Maslow’s Hierarchy” (mp3)
from “Rojo – EP”
(Funzalo Records)

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Eljuri, Johnette Napolitano’s soaring “Jaula”

Eljuri, Johnette Napolitano – “Jaula” mp3

The venerable Sly and Robbie, names long synonymous with “reggae rhythm section” in Jamaica and around the world, team up with Ecuadorian New York City guitarist/singer-songwriter Eljuri, and the results are magnificent. Blending various rock and latin styles in an organic fusion, this emerges as a record truly deserving of the sometimes dubious label, “World Music.” Effortless and accomplished, passionate yet cool, this album is a winner, and I can see it will def be getting more spins in my world as the seasons turn toward summer. Johnette Napolitano joins in on this single with her incendiary vocals to push it over the top.

Eljuri, Johnette Napolitano
“Jaula” (mp3)
from “En Paz”
(Lovecat Music)

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Los Fabulosos Cadillacs’ triumphant return

Los Fabulosos Cadillacs – “Contrabando de Amor”

Not that they ever went away, but Los Fabulosos Cadillacs just released their first studio album in ten years, and it is gr8. “Contrabando de Amor” is the lead off single, and it is an undeniable smash. Truly anthemic, joyous, fun, passionate, tight, unpretentious.. let’s see, did I leave anything out? Oh and glorious! K? SuperFan approved, hit it up.

Los Fabulosos Cadillacs
“Contrabando de Amor” (mp3)
from “El Arte de la Elegancia de LFC”
(Nacional Records)

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Meirelles e Os Copa 5’s lovely “Sudeste”

Jazz, baby. Soul soothing samba jazz. J. T. Meirelles composed, recorded and performed music in this sweet, sexy genre from the early 1960’s til his passing in 2008. Through the inevitable myriad ups and downs of the fickle music industry, the combo he founded in ’63 left a gr8 legacy, which you can discover on this brilliant new collection out on the Dubas Musica label. Timeless, joyous, sophisticated music. Enjoy!

Meirelles e Os Copa 5
“Sudeste” (download mp3)
from “Samba Jazz !!”
(Dubas Musica)
Meirelles e Os Copa 5 – “Sudeste” (play)

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Aventura gets Peligro

Aventura – “Peligro”

Continuing a virtual international musical trek, today finds these ears somewhere in the Dominican Republic via the South Bronx, where Aventura perfected an original fusion of bachata, hip hop, R & B, rock and various world music styles, which has made them a huge success. How huge? They sold out Madison Square Garden solo, and at the last minute, to accommodate frustrated fans, the Garden opened seating to 360 degrees to let more people in. This song is a gr8 taste of their unique and passionate musical blend, with magnificent vocals, inspired instrumental work, loads of heart and a thread of humor throughout. Enjoy.

“Peligro” (mp3)
from “The Last”
(Premium Latin Music)

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