Eric Fernandez makes a joyful sound

Eric Fernandez – “Entre Dos Aguas”

What qualifies as “feel good music?” Why, music that makes you feel good! And this, my dear readers, is feel good music du jour on the Superfan 2009 blog. Joyous midtempo flamenco with a modern twist. Crackling rhythms and inspired solos weave a veritable tapestry of carefree fun. Enjoy, you deserve it.

Eric Fernandez
“Entre Dos Aguas” (mp3)
from “Verdine Tempo”

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The Revelators hath Hell to Pay for they doth rock

The Revelators – “Hell to Pay”

A monster track with a message. Now I’m not sure exactly what that message is – I expect it’s a little different for everyone! But Listen up and take heed. Wow, the saxophones and this record are shredding. Yes, I called it a “record.” That’s praise. This rocks.

The Revelators
“Hell to Pay” (mp3)
from “The Revelators”
(Head Records)

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