The Headhunters Page Mr. Wesley And It Is All Kinda Funky

This unabashedly funkay joint from New Orleans’ unabashedly funkay Headhunters is the medicine. Some folks still make music for music’s sake and that’s something to celebrate. This rises above the noise. K, I’ma catch up now.

The Headhunters
“Paging Mr. Wesley” (download mp3)
from “Platinum”
“Paging Mr. Wesley” (play)
(Owl Studios)
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Screaming Tree Barrett Martin Goes All Jazzbo And We Like It

Here’s one for all you burners. That is, if you can get Internets way out there in the desert? Or if not, let’s say it’s for all us burners-in-spirit, out BBQ’ing for Labor Day in the vast playas of America. Instrumental groovy world-jazz for your light stick. Screaming Trees drummer Barrett Martin, showing his jazzified side on “Daemon Lover” from his “Zenga” LP. Very nice work.

Barrett Martin
“Daemon Lover” (download mp3)
from “Zenga”
“Daemon Lover” (play)
(Sunyata Records)
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Ken Fowser and Behn Gillece’s Appropriately “Overcooked” Jazz

Let us delve now into the groovin’ jazz vibes of Behn Gillece. Vibes as in vibraphone, bebbeh. Possibly the most pleasing to the ears of all instruments when played by a master, and the most dreadful elevator music-y device when played by a slouch. There is no slouching on this fine instrumental flight, played by virtuosos with sophistication and ease. Ken Fowser joins in on tenor sax on this shimmering number. Most excellent.

Ken Fowser, Behn Gillece
“Overcooked” (download mp3)
from “DuoTone”
“Overcooked” (play)
(Posi-Tone Records)

Freedom Underground’s EvAr So Funk@y “Tortoise”!

Oh praise be. A solid funky funk track with excesses of funk all up in it. The thing is this: the best bass line every conceived is the one that goes 1-2-3-4, on one note. Preferably a low E. That’s just how it is, citizens. Freedom Underground delivers heavy funk like a Jeff Beck record from the late 70’s played by Detroit music veterans. F.U.N.K.Y.

Freedom Underground
“Tortoise” (download mp3)
from “Between the Funk”
“Tortoise” (play)
(Virtuoso Music)
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Feelin’ Sean Nowell’s “New York Vibe”

Birmingham Alabama native Sean Nowell blows a mad tenor, and his combo is top notch. “New York Vibe” is Jazz with a big J. A GR8 chart, played with fervent cool.

Sean Nowell
“New York Vibe” (download mp3)
from “Stockholm Swingin'”
“New York Vibe” (play)
(Posi-Tone Records)
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OdjBox Kisses The “Sepia Sky”

Chillax. Boogie. Rinse. Repeat. OdjBox plays records. OdjBox plays with records. OdjBox pretty much worships some sweet old jazz vinyl records, mixin’ ’em up into a unique and very satisfying post modern broth. Yummies.

“Sepia Sky” (download mp3)
from “Sup Peeps! Start Collecting”
“Sepia Sky” (play)
(Sup Peeps Records/TCF Ltd)

Kermit Ruffins’ “Panama” Could Make A Rock Smile

Kermit Ruffins, keepin’ it RUFF! Mr. Ruffins’ bio is a good read, and man, can he blow the trumpet. This music is so fun and full of life, it could cure the foulest of moods. Like the one I started to have when I read the news this morning! Played this album with a nice cup of coffee, now I’m right as rain. Real live music by real live badasses. Bop on down to “Panama” by way of New Orleans and make some “Happy Talk.” This swings, baby!

Kermit Ruffins
“Panama” (download mp3)
from “Happy Talk”
“Panama” (play)
(Basin Street)
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A Must-Hear, Long Unreleased Live Recording From Freddie Hubbard

We continue our world time travel tour via laptop, with a visit to San Francisco’s legendary Keystone Korner in 1980, for this ridiculously hot performance by the great jazz trumpeter, Freddie Hubbard. Along with his longtime band mates, bassist Larry Klein, pianist Billy Childs, and trombonist Phil Ranelin, Hubbard explodes music in every direction here. Tight section work, volcanic solos, exquisite combo rhythm, unforgettable melodies – I mean this is the real real. If we needed to pick an example to show some space aliens what we earthlings call “music,” we could start here. Unreleased for 3 decades, now out on Resonance Records. Outstanding.

Freddie Hubbard
“The Intrepid Fox” (download mp3)
from “Pinnacle; Live & Unreleased from Keystone Korner”
“The Intrepid Fox” (play)
(Resonance Records)
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Nels Cline, Tim Berne and Jim Black get “Railroaded”

From yesterday’s metal apocalypse, we now turn in our musical journey through jungles of mayhem, to the naked musical aggression of New York genre obliterators Nels Cline, Tim Berne and Jim Black. Disciples of the more jagged edges of instrumental prog, avant-garde jazz and “skronk rock,” these gentlemen put out more conflicting noise than a freight train colliding with a burning steel mill. If Wynton Marsalis’ NPR-safe jazz is the Mona Lisa, then this is Guernica. Fun stuff.

Nels Cline, Tim Berne, Jim Black
“Railroaded” (download mp3)
from “The Veil”
“Railroaded” (play)
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Mike Clark Boogies On T’s Boogaloo, Booboo

Starting the weekend off right with a funky uptempo instrumental from jazz drummer extraordinaire, Mike Clark.  Clark got a lot of his chops on Oakland in the early 70’s, before setting out with Herbie Hancock’s band The Headhunters and launching an extensive and prolific recording and touring career. Enjoy this smokin’ track called “T’s Boogaloo,” from his “Carnival of Soul” LP. Oh yeah.

Mike Clark
“T’s Boogaloo” (download mp3)
from “Carnival of Soul”
(Owl Studios)
“Boogaloo” (play)
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