Paraphernália, “22 De Setembro”

Rio de Janeiro’s instrumental band, Paraphernália play a refreshing blend of diverse musical genres. “22 De Setembro” is a groovy number that swings between jazz, funk, cumbia and ska. If The Uptones were from Brazil I think they would sound like Paraphernália.

“22 De Setembro” (download mp3)
from “Ritmo Explosivo”
“22 De Setembro” (play)

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Nigel Price Goes “Subconscious-Lee” Wes Montgomery, Praise Be

Did you know, the amount of money people spend on therapy could be better put into cat toys, sex toys, fresh produce and yoga classes? Yes, because these are the things that make one happy. Oh, and jazz. Instrumental jazz, and a nice fuzzy sweater as winter comes on. They should pay me millions for that information. But you get it here for free, my dears. Because generosity is its own reward, and all these musical discoveries I’ve shared over the last three years have enriched me gr8ly. Listen to guitarist Nigel Price and his Organ Trio, and become “Subconscious-Lee” enlightened. Wes Montgomery, John Coltrane and other classic be-boppers, surge through this tune like eager blood on a morning run, as the sun crests a hillside and bathes the brisk and dewey land in vitality. Yes.

Nigel Price Organ Trio, Alex Garnett
“Subconscious-Lee” (download mp3)
from “Heads & Tales”
“Subconscious Lee” (play)
(Nigel Price)

Big Pete Aint All Thumbs When Pickin’ Up Them “Chromatic Crumbs”

Time for a hard left turn into a sweaty jazzy roadhouse of fun. I can’t recall hearing a blues-drenched harmonica rockin’ out with heavy jazz guitar and a smokin’ combo of this variety. It’s natural and fits together beautifully, and it freakin’ makes my afternoon here. Learn somethin’ new about music every day if ya wanna. Possessed of major chops, these players find appropriate occasion to use them on “Chromatic Crumbs.” Sizzling goodness from Big Pete and his band o’ brigands.

Big Pete
“Chromatic Crumbs (feat. John Marx & Alex Schultz)” (download mp3)
from “Choice Cuts”
“Chromatic Crumbs” (play)

Swing Republic Gets On the Downbeat w/ Bing Crosby

Here’s a jubilant reworking of some Bing Crosby samples, framed anew in a modern disco setting. It’s fun, it’s wacky, it’s not really jazz but it swings alright! “On the Downbeat (feat. Bing Crosby)” is sure to make the cats’ ears twitch and the doggies’ paws tap.

Swing Republic
“On the Downbeat (feat. Bing Crosby)” (download mp3)
from “White Mink : Black Cotton 2 (Electro Swing vs Speakeasy Jazz)”
“On the Downbeat (feat. Bing Crosby)” (play)
(Freshly Squeezed Music)

MarchFourth Marching Band Gets DelhiBelly-Full

Te bells, the bells. They serve me well. Here’s some jazzbo gypsy eastern-leaning brass fun for your medicine. Fishbone meets Jazz Mafia in a alleyway in Delhi for some spicy fried drum skins. Brilliant instrumental goodness that u don’t wanna sleep on. Mmm, that’s some fine playin’. Extra crispy.

MarchFourth Marching Band
“Delhi Belly” (download mp3)
from “Magnificent Beast”
“Delhi Belly” (play)
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Flash Mob’s “Blind Faith” Is Jazz With A “J”

Jazzit tup, kats. Flash Mob bends the time signatures and seduces the key changes all up down and sideways. Guitarist Ryan Williams leads the able bodied troupe through exotic corners of postmodern instrumental mental institutions. Yes.

“Blind Faith” (download mp3)
from “Generals”
“Blind Faith” (play)
(F-IRE Recorded Music Ltd.)

One Nation Under A Groove: Funky Instrumental Version

Sense a theme for my weekend posts? Funky instrumentals, kittins. Yes. And here we have one of our gr8 unofficial national anthems, delivered in jazzy funk style by Gordon James and his crew of virtuoso players. Gettin’ down just for the funk of it.

Gordon James
“One Nation Under a Groove” (download mp3)
from “In Joy”
“One Nation Under A Groove” (play)
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The Headhunters Page Mr. Wesley And It Is All Kinda Funky

This unabashedly funkay joint from New Orleans’ unabashedly funkay Headhunters is the medicine. Some folks still make music for music’s sake and that’s something to celebrate. This rises above the noise. K, I’ma catch up now.

The Headhunters
“Paging Mr. Wesley” (download mp3)
from “Platinum”
“Paging Mr. Wesley” (play)
(Owl Studios)
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Screaming Tree Barrett Martin Goes All Jazzbo And We Like It

Here’s one for all you burners. That is, if you can get Internets way out there in the desert? Or if not, let’s say it’s for all us burners-in-spirit, out BBQ’ing for Labor Day in the vast playas of America. Instrumental groovy world-jazz for your light stick. Screaming Trees drummer Barrett Martin, showing his jazzified side on “Daemon Lover” from his “Zenga” LP. Very nice work.

Barrett Martin
“Daemon Lover” (download mp3)
from “Zenga”
“Daemon Lover” (play)
(Sunyata Records)
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Ken Fowser and Behn Gillece’s Appropriately “Overcooked” Jazz

Let us delve now into the groovin’ jazz vibes of Behn Gillece. Vibes as in vibraphone, bebbeh. Possibly the most pleasing to the ears of all instruments when played by a master, and the most dreadful elevator music-y device when played by a slouch. There is no slouching on this fine instrumental flight, played by virtuosos with sophistication and ease. Ken Fowser joins in on tenor sax on this shimmering number. Most excellent.

Ken Fowser, Behn Gillece
“Overcooked” (download mp3)
from “DuoTone”
“Overcooked” (play)
(Posi-Tone Records)