Bishop Allen going “Dimmer”

Brooklyn by way of Boston, Bishop Allen is a quartet named after the street in Cambridge MA were the two founding members, Justin Rice and Christian Rudder, started writing songs. And like any hip young band on the East Coast, they relocated to Brooklyn. “Dimmer” is the opening track from the 2009 album Grrr… and is everything indie rock represents: sweat lyrics, soft acoustics, and hipster accessible.

Dimmer (play/download mp3)

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The Wedding Present, “You Jane”

Formed in 1985, The Wedding Present have had a tumultuous ride on the music roller-coaster. From success with their DIY-self-releases, to “selling-out” to BMI in the late 80s, The Wedding Present is still here kicking out radio-ready pop, spiked with post UK punk attitude.

The Wedding Present
“You Jane” (download mp3)
from “You Jane”
You Jane” (play)

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Godspeed You Black Emperor!, “Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven”

Godspeed is one of Canada’s most famous bands. One of the archetypes of the post-punk sound, a style of instrumental music that builds and descends in epically long tracks. After releasing an EP, Godspeed released a double album (totaling a whopping 9 songs), “Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven.” This title track is a beautiful introduction to their sound. This song builds and builds until it crescendos making you feel like raising your skinny fists to the heavens!

Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven (play/download mp3)

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Controller Controller, “Silent Seven”

Controller Controller’s “Silent Seven” is an angular punky funky song about paranoia and the dumbing down of society. Sharp, socially conscious and witty, with a Gang Of Four meets early XTC sound, and an odd 80’s pop chorus quote thrown in for spice. Very cool stuff.

Silent Seven
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The Shins, “Kissing the Lipless”

The Shins combine beautifully crafted pop with inspirational hyper-intellectual lyrics. Hailing from Albuquerque, New Mexico, The Shins create music for smart pop connoisseurs. Their witty songwriting is a dream come true for Literature lovers like myself (and you). So put on your thinking cap and enjoy, smarty pants!

Kissing the Lipless (play/download mp3)

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Low Red Land, “Better Angels”

Low Red Land are no longer a band. The broke up to “pursue other endeavors.” It happens to all bands except U2 and Phish. No matter if LRL are together or not, their sonic output will remain with us, hopefully forever. Start or add to your Low Red land archive with, “Better Angels.” Fans of pop music disguised as indie rock shall rejoice. Fans of great song writing shall too rejoice.

Better Angels (play/download mp3)