Lostribe’s Subtley Epic “Futuristic Fly (feat. The Cuf)”

Let’s boogie. A futuristic fly by from Lostribe, coolin’ on Pluto. Rap minerals in abundance, you say hip-hop, they say “how high?” Double plus bass goodness and synthetic scenarios blow, let the countdown begin. NASA put a man on da moon, Lostribe put a moon on da man. Props R due 2 Subverse who always keeps me up on the choice cuts. Commence.

“Futuristic Fly (feat. The Cuf)” (download mp3)
from “Sophie”
“Futuristic Fly (feat. The Cuf)” (play)
(CFO Recordings)

Mavrik, “Walk Around It (feat. DJ Platurn)”

Mavrik was once one of the more ambitious hip-hop groups from Oakland. There productions were a bright beacon in the middle of Oakland Street rap’s obsession with weed, money and Listerine strips. “Walk Around It” will have you skipping to its uptempo vibe, and its optimistic message that when people throw dirt on the ground in-front of you, you just have to walk around it.

Walk Around It (feat. DJ Platurn) (play/download mp3)

Lost Children of Babylon Hold Forth on “Shang Tzu”

I don’t think I’ve heard rap flows about I-Ching, the Chakras, Chi-Gung and the Eternal Fire and such. It’s good. There must always be more subject matter to explore in hip-hop, and here we find a study of our nature and the nature of the universe in funky flows. The samples frame it all perfectly. Philly’s Lost Children of Babylon, droppin’ ancient wisdom for the modern world.

The Lost Children of Babylon
“Shang Tzu” (download mp3)
from “The Lost Children of Babylon & DJ Fu Presents: The Tower of Babel Mixtape”
(LCOB Productions)
“Shang Tzu” (play)
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The Headhunters Drop D-Funk w/ Snoop Dogg & George Clinton

Bow wow yippy yay! Behold the harbingers of funky jazz from the early 1970’s, The Headhunters, double dippin’ de fonk with Snoop Dogg & George Clinton (WHAT?!) I said Snoop Dogg & George Clinton, watchoo think I said? George Clinton doesn’t say much minute for minute in this joint, when he speaks it punctuates and reverberates all the way out to the Mothership. Sleep not, lest ye be slept.

The Headhunters
“D-Funk (Funk With Us) [feat. Snoop Dogg & George Clinton]” (download mp3)
from “Platinum”
(Owl Studios)
“D-Funk (Funk With Us)” (play)
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The Wu-Tang Clan, “Bring Da Ruckus (Remix)”

Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) is a “must-listen” album. Even pedestrian hip-hop fans should give it a listen. And now that I’m thinking about it, anyone with any musical tastes should give it a listen. Although slowed down from the original, “Bring Da Ruckus (Remix)” still brings the pain with all members of the Wu blasting like no other hip-hop crew, past or present.

Bring Da Ruckus (Remix) (play/download mp3)

Goin’ Deep In The Urban Jungle w/ Blackalicious and Lyrics Born

Among the many GR8 things hip-hop did, is it gave poetry back to the youth. In life before hip-hop, poetry was either perceived as a beat poet trip, or like, some kind of florid European highbrow affair. Now kids play with words, and they own it. They have a venue to develop and enjoy their language skills  and find their own voices. There are few things cooler than that. Yet I still hear people say once in a while, they don’t like hip-hop. If those words have passed your lips, lemme ‘splain: I’m not mad atcha – but you have either been listening to the wrong sh!t, or as I said recently, you’ve just been listening wrong. I’m not talkin’ about no mainstream radio auto-tuned B$ I’m talkin’ about hip-hop. Here’s a gem from the vaults that says it better than I can. Blackalicious, folks, this track featuring an early, career-launching appearance by Lyrics Born. Check it.

“Deep In The Jungle” (download mp3)
from “SoleSides Greatest Bumps”
(Quannum Projects)
“Deep In The Jungle” (play)
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The Aztext & Touchphonics, “I Make Records”

I’m starting to get this tingle in the back of my neck when I listen to “I Make Records.” I think it’s because I haven’t heard the definitively San Francisco hip-hop sound since PB Wolf left for LA. But with producers like Touchphonics holding down the SF hip-hop sound, who cares?

The Aztext & Touchphonics
“I Make Records” (download mp3)
from “Who Cares If We’re Dope? Vol.2”
(Elevated Press Records)
I Make Records (play)

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Gettin’ Down w/ The CUF’s “How We Get Down”

Hella funny. This is just so freakity fresh. If you like hip-hop, then you like this. If you don’t like hip-hop, you’re not listening right. Sci-fi production and lyrical genius all the way thru. From The CUF from Sacto. Git down widdit.

“How We Get Down” (download mp3)
from “Caviar Vol. 1”
(CFO Recordings)
“How We Get Down” (play)
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Thaione Davis’ Sublime “Subliminal (Remix)”

Time for a little hip-hop set, starting with a non-subliminal belligerent word-storm from Thaione Davis. Big reggae style backing tracks propel the lyrics non stop to the top and MC’s drop, yo. Quality spittin’ and turn of phrase hittin’. Begin.

Thaione Davis
“Subliminal (Remix) “ (download mp3)
from “Still Hear (The Remixes)”
(Jericho Lounge)
“Subliminal” (play)
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