Jake One, “Trap Door (feat. MF Doom)”

Trap Door” was originally released as the B-side on The Truth 12′. Later the mp3 proved to be a proper preview/teaser to Jake One’s first full-length, White Van Music, one of 2008’s stand out hip-hop albums. With tracks like this one, not to mention 22 other bangers, White Van Music maybe one of the top hip-hop albums of the decade. Fans of MF Doom I know you miss the days when it seemed like MF came out with an album a month. Comb though Doom’s catalog once again starting with, “Trap Door.”

Trap Door feat. MF Doom (play/download mp3)

Guilty Simpson, “Close Curtains (Boom Baptist Remix)”

Guilty Simpson’s latest EP, Close Curtains, stays true to Guilty’s ear-to-the-street lyrics. Guilty hooked up with Austin’s Boom Baptist on this remix. Get a taste of “golden age hip-hop” for the 2012.

Guilty Simpson
“Close Curtains (Boom Baptist Remix)” (download mp3)
from “Close Curtains b/w Unbelievable”
((iN)Sect Records)
“Close Curtains (Boom Baptist Remix)” (play)

Bay Area rap at it’s best

California reggae group Rebelution’s dreamy and catchy productions have been turning the ears of many Bay Area producers, including the ever prolific board master of Zion I, Amp Live. The marriage of Zion I and Rebelution makes for some of the freshest and most infectious hip-hop I’ve listened to in a long time. Commercial “urban” radio programming may be dominated with songs that feature the audio tune more heavily then the rapping, but Zion I shows true hip-hop fans that they can get down with many styles.

Zion I, “Many Styles (feat.Rebelution)” (play/download mp3)

Visit Rebelution’s website for all the intel.

Elevate w/ Sum-in-1 feat. Papa Michigan & Jeanine Strong

Jamaican record makers in the early 60’s took their cue from American R&B records, and later took pages from hip-hop, as Jamaican Dancehall evolved. Meanwhile American hip-hop, from its inception, was influenced by Jamaican Sound System and Deejay culture. There’s long been a special musical information expressway between Jamaica and the urban United States, and here is a fresh fruit from that fertile tree. This is some of the most refreshing hip-hop I’ve heard in years.

“Elevate (feat. Papa Michigan & Jeanine Strong)” (download mp3)
from “And Then Sum”
“Elevate (feat. Papa Michigan & Jeanine Strong)” (play)
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INFINITO 2017 Demonstrates the “Cold Flow”

Oh my goodness. Here’s some non-processed vocalizin’ from some properly pissed off young hip-hop neurons. Boyz will be boyz. This is funny. And tight. Haha the lines just get better. Excellent battle rap fare with p-pphhfatt jazzbo sample loops.

“Cold Flow” (download mp3)
from “Pause Record Not For Sensitive Ears”
“Cold Flow” (play)
(Joe Left Hand Records)

Rich Boy [ft. 607], “Drop (Remix)”

Rich Boy broke out after having huge success with his first single “Throw Some Ds.” Eventually people stopped singing the hook in their cars, and the remixes stopped showing up on every other blog. And when you are signed to a major label all they want is your next hit. Well, Rich Boy decided to flip the script and lace us with one of my favorite singles of 2009, “Drop.” This is hip-hop at it’s finest, the booming kick drum and vocal sample will have your head nodding and the lyrics are as clever as it gets.

“Drop” (play/download mp3)

Celsius 7 Sez Lemme Attem!

Absofreakin’ lutely hiLARious. A prime example of the resurgent East Bay Hip-Hop scene. Tight beets. Wompin’ tracks. Hella funny flows. Lemme attem. That is all.

Celsius 7
“Lemme Attem feat. Foreign Legion” (download mp3)
from “Life Well Spent”
“Celsius 7, (Lemme Attem feat. Foreign Legion)” (play)
(Psychokinetics (Mindbendingbeats)
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Jake One, “The Truth (feat. Freeway & Brother Ali)”

Jake One is Seattle’s most important hip-hop export. His productions are a nod to hip-hop’s roots: sample based, drum heavy, funky and soulful. Jake’s only mistake was his timing — one thing no artist can control. If he was producing 20 years ago he would have reached “legendary” status by now. But his recordings are here forever, no matter how much industry fame he collects.

The Truth (feat. Freeway & Brother Ali) (play/download mp3)

Tha Grimm Teachaz’ Long Lost Classic, “Melissa”

Here’s a true luv song from the heart, as only could be delivered by young’uns. This is hip-hop from those heady daze of 1993, when people still said “fresh” and it was fresh. ’93 was one of the greatest years in hip-hop’s evolution, when it exploded from its roots into myriad new directions. Artists did what they wanted and incorporated any style or sound that pleased them. It was fun. There was truth, discovery and playfulness in the debuts of Wu-Tang, The Roots, Souls of Mischief, The Coup, Digable Planets and others. Chicago’s Tha Grimm Teachaz might have been more than a footnote in that storied moment, if they had ever played more than one (count ’em!) one show! Yes, this is one of those lost tapes, ladies and gents. In this Superfan’s opinion, it stands the test of time.

Tha Grimm Teachaz
“Melissa” (download mp3)
from “There’s A Situation On The Homefront”
“Melissa” (play)
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