Black Halos turn Disbelief into glory

The Black Halos – “Disbelief”

The Black Halos’ lead singer Billy Hopeless hurls verbal missiles that are part Lemmy, Joe Strummer, Iggy and Joey Ramone. A true rock and roll band with all the pockmarks and rusty scars of touring the hard way, they are not any pretty cleaned up pop goo vendor for the opiated masses. No. This song is fun, irreverent and rowdy, and in some inescapable way, meaningful.

The Black Halos
“Disbelief” (mp3)
from “We Are Not Alone”
(Acetate Records)

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Kneel and Die before Ghoul

This is music parents are afraid of. They  hear it through the bedroom walls and wonder if this is why little Bobby is failing geometry and hanging out with that girl with all the tatoos and a padlock through her septum. Outstanding, beastly metal.

“Maggot Hatchery” (mp3)
from “We Came for the Dead & Maniaxe”
“Maggot Hatchery” (play)

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Tony Alva is a Rock and Roll Star..

Opal Book Club – “Tony Alva”

Gr8 song about the gr8est sk8rs ever. It’s funny, it’s irreverent, AND it ROCKS! Opal Book Club from Berkeley, CA, layin’ down the wizdumb.

Opal Book Club
“Tony Alva” (mp3)
from “MP3 Jackpot Winners”
(Fun Fun Fun Recordings)

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Boo Boo Davis talkin’ bouta “Dirty Dog”

Boo Boo Davis – “Dirty Dog”

Low down and nazty blues rawk groove from East St Louis, Illinois. Heavy!  Excellent wah wah guitar and harmonica work, rock solid rhythm section, and a killer vocal.

Boo Boo Davis
“Dirty Dog” (mp3)
from “Name Of The Game”
(Black and Tan Records)

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Hard feelings and the Constantines

Constantines tours are becoming the stuff of rock legend, not because of any outdated Spinal Tap antics, but for doing it right and real. Constantines’ reputation is built on one great, inspired show after another, and innovative and catchy songs. No hard feelings from this Superfan. Constantines ROCK!!

“Hard Feelings” (download mp3)
from “Kensington Heights”
(Arts & Crafts)
Hard Feelings (play)

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