Supergroup Supermercado’s Supersingle, “Out Of Time”

Big rock, big fun, big harmonies and big riffs from this band of rock n’ roll vets from Chicago, IL. Boasting a sea of instrumental and vocal chops, Supermercado covers a lot of stylistic ground in their energetic and eminently accessible approach. You’ll hear in their sound influences as broad as Guns n’ Roses, Living Colour, Van Halen, and Fishbone. “Out Of Time” even recalls the industrial-rock breakthrough of Filter’s “Hey Man, Nice Shot.” Put that in yer pod and smoke it. Massive, completely realized, contemporary rawk.

“Out Of Time” (download mp3)
from “Chupacabra”
(Dark Star Records)
Out Of Time (play)

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Fucked Up thrives on “Baiting the Public”

Fucked Up – “Baiting the Public” mp3

If you’re more concerned with blowing hardcore fans’ minds and having fun than you are in pursuing any conventional commercial appeal, one thing you might do is name your band Fucked Up. This marauding gang of punkers from Ontario, Canada gained some serious momentum last year, and at this point nothing but stopping will prevent them from reaching a jubilant world wide audience. Mainstream piffle this is not. Their sound is redonkulously loud and powerful.  Exceedingly pissed vocals, and superbly creative guitar bass and drum work, all add up to some devastating and entertaining punk rawk, with a gr8 sense of musical adventure. On the Jade Tree label. Enjoy, public.

Fucked Up
“Baiting the Public” (mp3)
from “Hidden World”
(Jade Tree)

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The Strange Transgressions of a Drunk Horse

Drunk Horse – “Strange Transgressors” mp3

Drunk Horse, I have to say, does something that some rock bands neglect to do these days: they rock. Of this song, I could say it sounds like Led Zep might if they came from Lynyrd Skynyrd’s corner of the American south, or I could just say it careens along like a rampaging horse, drunk and breathing fire. In reality, this band of hair farmers hails from my hometown of Oakland, California, and they kick whole truckloads of ass. Four guys with guitars, drums and real old school rawk chops. Extra crunchy, and oh so much yummy riffing goodness.

Drunk Horse
“Strange Transgressors” (mp3)
from “In Tongues”
(Tee Pee Records)

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Marvelous Darlings, simply Marvelous

The Marvelous Darlings‘ single “I Dont Wanna Go To The Party” rocks for two minutes and thirty seconds in a rush of pure and I mean PURE punk pop abandon. Very favorable comparison to Ramones, Clash, Cheap Trick and The Knack. Full on power pop angst-bliss! I love it I love it.

The Marvelous Darlings
“I dont wanna go to the party” (mp3)
from “I Don’t Wanna Go To The Party”
(Deranged Records)
I Don't Wanna Go To The Party (play)

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Ultimate Fakebook Wrestling

Ultimate Fakebook – “Wrestling Leap Year”

Ah, sweet power pop. Here we have some well crafted guitar chord bashing and vocal hooks that owe as much to Nirvana as to Cheap Trick. Ultimate Fakebook made a lot of noise for a three piece band from Manhattan, Kansas operating during the darkest days of the music industry. Here’s another neglected gem. In 2009 I have found and posted a bunch of ’em here. Have a surf around, it beats the heck outta the your local corporate poo radio station, I guarantee you that much. But wait, Dorothy, there’s a Manhattan in Kansas? Now we know.

Ultimate Fakebook
“Wrestling Leap Year” (mp3)
from “Open Up and Say Awesome”
(Initial Records)

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Kid Chaos makes Punk Rock Catnip

A punk rock song about a kitteh? A cool dark feline, creepin’ thru the night? A sleek slinky tom on the scene? Well, yeah. Kid Chaos is all about fun, and they don’t like preaching with their punk rock – all of which you can gather from this ridiculous and entertaining tale of adventure and mayhem. Essence o’ 3rd wave “ska” horns, growling guitars and a breakneck Rancid-esque tempo, provide the purrfect romping ground for our rogue hero, “Lee Vee The Cat.” Superfan is all smitten like a kitten.

Kid Chaos
“Lee Vee The Cat” (download mp3)
from “Love In The Time Of Scurvy”
(Beatville Records)
Lee Vee The Cat (play)

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Oh My God, Fools Want Noise!

Oh My God – “Fools Want Noise”

On the subject of “Fools Want Noise” by Oh My God, I have to start by simply saying, they’re right. These lyrics are brilliant – kind of a “Satisfaction” updated for the Idiocracy. Celebrate the downward spiral into high decibel mindlessness? Or rage against it? Can we do both? This song is loud, fast and brash, but unlike the cultural Twinkie-filler it confronts in horror, this is actually very smart. And it rocks, too. Damn fine work.

Oh My God
“Fools Want Noise” (mp3)
from “Fools Want Noise”
(Split Red)

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Rocking out with The Sons Of Hercules

The Sons Of Hercules – “Brain Dead”

Rock is not dead. It is brain dead. The Sons Of Hercules understand the power of not understanding. The subtle genius of retardation. The mastery which flows from lobotomous guitars, beer soaked vocals, and swaggering drum beats. As The Stooges demonstrated in the late 60’s, for a certain kind of rock, dumb is smart. From their “A Different Kind of Ugly” album, I give you, The Sons Of Hercules from San Antonio, Texas, performing “Brain Dead”. Gr8 stupid fun.

The Sons Of Hercules
“Brain Dead” (mp3)
from “A Different Kind of Ugly”
(Saustex Media)

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Agent Orange surfs the Interweb

Southern California’s beloved surf punker pioneers Agent Orange have rocked for over three decades, and they continue to tour and deliver a gr8 live show. This song from their brilliant 1981 album “Living in Darkness”- recently re-released digitally by Posh Boy Music – is a good taste of their innovative guitar work and unique collision of power pop, surf and punk. The lyrics to “Everything Turns to Grey” are brilliant, at once idealistic and resigned. A classic song from a classic LP. Surfs up!

Agent Orange
“Everything Turns to Grey” (download mp3)
from “Living in Darkness”
(Posh Boy Music)
Turns to Grey (play)

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