Paradise, “Diary of an Old Soul”

Paradise maintains a 60’s psychedelic aesthetic and rhythm that complements their rambunctious new wave inspired sound. Paradise are Portland’s current “home-town-heros” and “Diary of an Old Soul” objectively proves why. Download and get ready to joyously explode because this mp3 is nothin’ but fun!

“Diary of an Old Soul” (download mp3)
“Diary of an Old Soul” (play)
(Luvvers Club)

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All Time High Get High In Friends’ Places

I like Small Stone Records. A Small Stone, for the uninitiated, is an effects pedal favored by stoners in the 1970’s and ever since. It is a “phaser” and it makes whooshy whooshy tone sweeps. You control the speed. You control the depth. You say things like “whoa, dude, nice!” and your mom comes in with your report card and papers to have you committed to an institution. Most Small Stone owners had Lava Lamps. All of them had bongs. All Time High on Small Stone Record, my dears, with “Nice Guys Laugh Last”. Kinda Nirvana-ish stoner rock. It pleases me.

All Time High
“Nice Guys Laugh Last” (download mp3)
from “Friends in High Places”
“Nice Guys Laugh Last” (play)
(Small Stone Records)
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Ezra Furman & the Harpoons Havin’ “Hard Times In A Terrible Land”

Good God. In his harrowing tale, alone in bad neighborhoods with termites in the floorboards, Ezra Furman’s shredded pleas for the Lord’s mercy remain unheeded. The Harpoons’ dirty bashing goes unanswered. What, is it The Big Kahuna’s day off? Out of town for the National Association of Dieties convention in Scottsdale? Or is it just that this little thumper is too much for even the Big G to handle? A voice, howling naked in the darkness. Good stuff.

Ezra Furman & The Harpoons
“Hard Time in a Terrible Land” (download mp3)
from “Mysterious Power”
“Hard Time In A Terrible Land” (play)
(Red Parlor Records)

Jigsaw Seen Rocks Where the Action Isn’t

Oh hell yah. Hard rock from somewhere between Iggy and the Stooges and some kind of LA mod power pop. Just my kinda medicine. The Jigsaw Scene goes where the action isn’t, and brings the party.

The Jigsaw Seen
“Where the Action Isn’t” (download mp3)
from “Bananas Foster”
Where The Action Isn’t (play)
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Fraze Gang’s Epic Hair Band Revival

Fraze Gang, “Juggernaut” (play)

Once in Jr. High this disco kitty sez to me, “you like that hard rock sh!t, huh?” But yes, I did. Fraze Gang is a trio who loves them some 80’s glam – the kind whose tour buses ran exclusively on hair spray and whiskey. This is a fun track of the sort we never thought we’d hear again. But what is old is new, and what is new is old in pop, and here is the ghost of hair bands past in fine form. It’s a kick to hear this kind of epic guitar work and redonkulous rawk singing in 2010. So in best my David Lee Roth I say.. Enjooiiiiyy!!!

Fraze Gang
“Juggernaut” (download mp3)
from “Juggernaut”
(Bongo Beat Records)
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What Son’s of Hercules don’t know aint gonna hurt ’em

Rock is not always pretty. Rock often crawls out from a sweaty, dirty place in the unglamorous depths of depravity. The Sons Of Hercules play rock like it’s still dangerous, like there’s going to be hell to pay. This is the polar opposite of today’s inoculated mainstream. This is balls out rock played by five San Antonio, Texas music vets who sound rather like The Stooges jamming with Lynyrd Skynyrd at AC/DC’s house. Play loud with beer.

The Sons Of Hercules
“Brain Dead” (download mp3)
from “A Different Kind of Ugly”
(Saustex Media)
Brain Dead (play)
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Ocha la Rocha’s Crispy Southern Hard Rock

Ocha la Rocha – “Armadillah” mp3

Just how much do these guys love them some Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith? This much, ladies and gents. And it sure aint a bad thing. After all, how much do you think Zep loved them some American hard rockin’ blues? It all comes around. Ocha la Rocha from Atlanta, GA, deep fries southern psychedelic blues to produce delicious old school hard rock treats. Solid combo playing, excellent vocals, belligerent drumming and wicked guitar work all add up to gr8 fun.

Ocha la Rocha
“Armadillah” (mp3)
from “Ocha Lives (Deluxe Edition)”
(U & L Records, Inc.)

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Ferocious Few’s “Kathleen” Roars Like a Kitten

Ferocious Few – “Kathleen” mp3

Le Mew. Le Few. Le Rock. Le Do. Ferocious Few lives up to their name with this short and sweet, hard rockin’ quicky, kitties. “Kathleen” weighs in at a mere one minute forty seconds, but she packs a rock n’ roll wallop to leave you wanting more. Pounding drums, raging guitars and a blazing rock n’ soul organ accompany a sincere serenade by a lone and hungry vocal. Le download. Lew Purr.

Ferocious Few
“Kathleen” (mp3)
from “Juices”
(Birdman Records)

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Italian Metal Popsters Stick It Out

Stick It Out – “Jack the Bastard” mp3

Guns N’ Roses may be long gone, but if you think their style and attitude has stopped influencing young rockers, think again. Rome, Italy’s Stick It Out is a shining beacon of rock depravity and decadence. Their conflagration of howls and electro-fried blues guitar licks pays homage to Judas Priest, Scorpions and the like, and all the flammable hair dos that followed. Rawk out hella.

Stick It Out
“Jack the Bastard” (mp3)
from “Stick Out”
(Sliptrick Records)

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Cheeseburger gets down on “Easy Street”

The musicians in Brooklyn’s Cheeseburger probably fell into a vat of whiskey and bong water as babies. Then they did the only remaining possible thing – picked up guitars and drums and a mic and starting rocking out. “Easy Street” by Cheeseburger is lo-fi, raw, perverse, appalling and gr8. Enjoy.

“Easy Street” (download mp3)
from “Cheeseburger – EP”
(Hot Dog City Record Co.)
Easy Street (play)

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