Dirty raw funk

Do you think 4 white guys from Ohio can’t play funk? Think again cause some of the dirtiest-stripped-down-raw-daddy funk being made today are the product of 4-white dudes from Ohio called The Jive Turkeys. The “B.A. – Single” is beautifully recorded and flawlessly mixed, receiving nods from the who’s-who of the funk world — mainly Wax Poetics. But when you swing as heavy as The Jive Turkeys do, expect the professional recognition reserved only for bands of their caliber.

The Jive Turkeys
“B.A.” (download mp3)
from “B.A. – Single”
(Colemine Records)
B.A. (play)
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Fonkmasters Ease On Down To “Chilled Funk Blvd”

Where we goin? Down to Chilled Funk Blvd, yo. It’s like rocking down to Electric Avenue but mo’ chill. On “Funky Urban Nights” LP by the Fonkmasters baby. This music makes me very, very happy. Echos of Heatwave, Brothers Johnson, and other superior 1970’s silk shirt sh!t. Smoooove.

“Chilled Funk Blvd” (download mp3)
from “Funky Urban Nights”
“Chilled Funk Blvd” (play)
(Ton 4 Music)
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One Nation Under A Groove: Funky Instrumental Version

Sense a theme for my weekend posts? Funky instrumentals, kittins. Yes. And here we have one of our gr8 unofficial national anthems, delivered in jazzy funk style by Gordon James and his crew of virtuoso players. Gettin’ down just for the funk of it.

Gordon James
“One Nation Under a Groove” (download mp3)
from “In Joy”
“One Nation Under A Groove” (play)
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The Headhunters Page Mr. Wesley And It Is All Kinda Funky

This unabashedly funkay joint from New Orleans’ unabashedly funkay Headhunters is the medicine. Some folks still make music for music’s sake and that’s something to celebrate. This rises above the noise. K, I’ma catch up now.

The Headhunters
“Paging Mr. Wesley” (download mp3)
from “Platinum”
“Paging Mr. Wesley” (play)
(Owl Studios)
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Freedom Underground’s EvAr So Funk@y “Tortoise”!

Oh praise be. A solid funky funk track with excesses of funk all up in it. The thing is this: the best bass line every conceived is the one that goes 1-2-3-4, on one note. Preferably a low E. That’s just how it is, citizens. Freedom Underground delivers heavy funk like a Jeff Beck record from the late 70’s played by Detroit music veterans. F.U.N.K.Y.

Freedom Underground
“Tortoise” (download mp3)
from “Between the Funk”
“Tortoise” (play)
(Virtuoso Music)
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The Headhunters Drop D-Funk w/ Snoop Dogg & George Clinton

Bow wow yippy yay! Behold the harbingers of funky jazz from the early 1970’s, The Headhunters, double dippin’ de fonk with Snoop Dogg & George Clinton (WHAT?!) I said Snoop Dogg & George Clinton, watchoo think I said? George Clinton doesn’t say much minute for minute in this joint, when he speaks it punctuates and reverberates all the way out to the Mothership. Sleep not, lest ye be slept.

The Headhunters
“D-Funk (Funk With Us) [feat. Snoop Dogg & George Clinton]” (download mp3)
from “Platinum”
(Owl Studios)
“D-Funk (Funk With Us)” (play)
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Quick and Easy Boys’ Medicine Goes Down Good

The Quick & Easy Boys channel a certain 70’s charm on this sweet and cheerful track. It’s busy and choppy, but smartly so, and carries as much innocent glee as a 3 year old dancing barefoot on cool grass on a warm spring day. They’re quick. They’re easy. They’re from Oregon. Their fans say “Yeah Bud!” at their shows. I like ’em. And “Take Your Medicine” is really a delightful little single. Open wide…

The Quick & Easy Boys
“Take Your Medicine” (download mp3)
from “Red Light Rabbit”
(Per Capita Records)
“Take Your Medicine” (play)
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Mo’ Fone Jazz-Funks It Up Heavily On “Sling Shot”

Git funkay. It’s Saturday. And funk is all you need on a Saturday in May. Evar so funky live drums cook under a funk overloaded pot full o’ sizzlin’ sax. A full left and right mix between two heavy reeds players, to be exact, and no bass at all in this number. Original, tight, and did I mention, funk-ee? Mo’ Fone, my kittins.

“Sling Shot” (download mp3)
from “Sling Shot”
(Virtuoso Music)
“Sling Shot”
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Sweet Chocolate Joseph Rockefeller’s “Brown Sugar Bear” Haz Calories Sweet and Phat

How much cowbell? This much. Some wah-wah guitar? Yes, please. Tasty organ and 70’s string-synth yummy-ness? Oh my, yes. In this instrumental you will find your complete Saturday morning starter kit. This vintage funky gemstone brought to my earballs by ultimate Interweb music ninja, Subverse. Have a sweet weekend, my friends.

Sweet Chocolate Joseph Rockefeller
“Brown Sugar Bear” (download mp3)
from “Original 1970’s Blaxploitation Instrumental Tracks”
“Brown Sugar Bear” (play)
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