Kinda In Love With M+A’s “Liko Lene Lisa”

Begin the worshiping process as M+A’s whispered druggy sex insidiousness works its toy piano magic. Oh gawd they had to put a trumpet there, kill me nicely, oh dear. What is it with me and lone trumpets and trippy make-out music lately? Is it the season? Anyway, I really like M+A’s “Liko Lene Lisa” like, I really like, like, I want to snuggle it like a kitty and such. So there you have it.

“Liko Lene Lisa” (download mp3)
from “Things.Yes”
“Liko Lene Lisa” (play)
(Monotreme Records)
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Francesco Tarantini Drops House, Ladies And Gentleman

I PROMISE you, if you DON’T like HOUSE music, you will H8 this with a capital H8! But, if you LOVE HOUSE your MUSIC, as I do, you may find yourself dancing around the kitchen with a barely controlled glass of wine before pouncing on your lover like an oversexed zoo animal. Just sayin’, I warned you, either way.

Francesco Tarantini
“Ladies And Gentleman (House Mix)” (download mp3)
from “New Breed of Deep House”
Ladies And Gentleman (House Mix) (play)
(King Street Sounds)
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Moonstarr’s Dada No Wave “Climax”

Trippeth forth with the blippertronic sexbot bleepisms of Moonstarr. “Climax” is an ironic title for this, for it slithers along without going up or down, suggesting a sort of luxurious carrying on indoors on a rainy day with no hurry and no plan. Decadent sort of Berlin drug den music. Approval.

“Climax” (download mp3)
from “Instrumentals Forever”
“Climax” (play)
(Public Transit Recordings)
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Swing Republic Gets On the Downbeat w/ Bing Crosby

Here’s a jubilant reworking of some Bing Crosby samples, framed anew in a modern disco setting. It’s fun, it’s wacky, it’s not really jazz but it swings alright! “On the Downbeat (feat. Bing Crosby)” is sure to make the cats’ ears twitch and the doggies’ paws tap.

Swing Republic
“On the Downbeat (feat. Bing Crosby)” (download mp3)
from “White Mink : Black Cotton 2 (Electro Swing vs Speakeasy Jazz)”
“On the Downbeat (feat. Bing Crosby)” (play)
(Freshly Squeezed Music)

Heavenly Beat? Yes. Most Heavenly.

Thank goodness for the heavenly whimsical bliss-pop of Heavenly Beat, for without it, my coffee wouldn’t be as tasty right now. The cat sniffing the morning breeze wouldn’t be quite as cute, and my neighbors’ kids playing in the next yard wouldn’t have quite the same idyllic cinematic glimmer just now. I am indebted to Heavenly Beat, because this music makes me feel good. What better review can I offer?

Heavenly Beat
“Suday” (download mp3)
from “Suday”
“Suday” (play)
(Captured Tracks)

The Growth

Sharps is the latest member of Bay Area label Muti Music’s able roster of dubstep and future bass artists who are providing the framework for the future of electronic production. “The Growth” is a choppy, sinewy track, bursting with dubby textures. And “thumbs up” on the album artwork. Eighties after-school cartoons rocked!

“The Growth” (download mp3)
from “Bad Sister”
(Muti Music)
The Growth (play)

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Jesus On Extasy’s “Assassinate Me” Is Killin Me

Titles matter, and I was a fan of Jesus On Extasy before I heard their music. All they needed to do to not lose me is not disappoint. Oh my but do they live up to their name. Club bouncing, electro-clashing decadent drug sex, my dears. Their remix of KMFDM’s “Assassinate Me” is a fucken anthem. Not PTA approved.

Jesus On Extasy
“Assassinate Me” (download mp3)
from “Holy Beauty”
“Assassinate Me” (play)
(Artoffact Records)
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Pushing Daisies Thru The Dubstep, High On Mimosa

Dubstep meets dancehall, filed under reggae, from an LA artist named after a breakfast champagne drink with plenty of vitamin C. Yes! And why not? I love the vintage video game noises and 80’s clap track puppies on this porridge. “Six million ways to die, choose one,” explains our host. ‘Lectronic brain-melting dubfishies.

“Pushing Little Daisies” (download mp3)
from “Silver Lining”
“Pushing Little Daisies” (play)
(Muti Music)
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Bassnectar is still king

Bassnectar is a rockstar. When the intern at my office — who looks like he stepped off a Scorpions record cover — comes up to my desk asking if I like Bassnectar, you’ve reached ‘rockstar’ status. “Cozza Frenzy (Mega-Bass Remix)” is the quintessential Bassnectar sound: time-stretched vocals, massive basslines, warped horn samples, all laid on a foundation of chunky beats. You know a Bassnectar song is playing because his sound doesn’t tickle you, it engulfs you.

Cozza Frenzy (Mega Bass Remix)” (play/download mp3)

Darkat Vs. Balanceman’s Mind Altering “Folkabalart”

Wikkid and wiley. Darkat Vs. Balanceman comin’ with some rare dub medicines from the outer reaches of the klez-o-sphere. Not sure I’ve ever heard violin pluckin’ in this kind of setting before, and that’s just the beginning. This goes to a lot of neat places in a few short minutes, picking up original ear-snacks at every turn. Brilliant and most pleasing. Begin, do.

Darkat Vs. Balanceman
“Folkabalart” (download mp3)
from “KLZXRMX: The Klez-X Remixed”
“Folkabalart” (play)
(Nutmeats Recordings)
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