Supreme Beings Of Leisure, “Never the Same”

Supreme Beings of Leisure’s “Never the Same” is a beautifully crafted mp3 that is groovy, cinematic, and funky, all at the same time. Not to go all Pandora on you, but if you liked Moby’s 1999 album Play, then you’ll love “Never the Same.”

Never the Same (play/download mp3)

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Punx Soundcheck “Nobody Move” Moves Plenty

Alright, lots of parties around the world today for various reasons. Is there ever a bad reason for a party? Methinks not. Here’s some fun ‘lectronic dance floor spaz material for any occasion. Music deconstructs itself down to molecules and electrons in the hands of today’s laptop wielding sound architects, to give us crispy club jamz like this. I like.

Punx Soundcheck
“Nobody Move” (download mp3)
from “Ghost House EP”
(Hottwerk Records)
“Nobody Move” (play)

Superbad dupstep!

East Coast dubstep producer Humble Dinosaur takes the vocal sample of “I’m Superbad” from the scene in the movie Superbad when they’re about to cop booze with a fake ID and Mc Fogell is trying to pussy out. Then HD slaps a billowing baseline down. The beat is slowed down to a drunken pace. Then the ‘worrier charge’ is let off in the background. All the ingredients to make an unruly and ominous tune that is sure to satisfy the itch of any dubstep junky.

Humble Dinosaur
“I’m Superbad” (download mp3)
from “Payin Dues”
I’m Superbad (play)

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DJ Spooky, “Mr. Brown (Remix)”

I spent a huge chunk of my early teens listening to Bob Marley. On my 17th birthday Marley’s box set, Songs of Freedom was in my gift pile. The last song on disk 1 is “Mr. Brown,” and this was the first time I ever heard it. Darker and maybe the only song in Marley’s catalog that can be described as “moody,” to this day it remains one of my favorite songs. In 2007 Dj Spooky, an artist I spent the majority of my early twenties listening to, turns out this moody, dance-y, funky remix.

Mr. Brown (Remix) (play/download mp3)

Dub Gabriel, “Dis Song”

Dub Gabriel‘s influence must be from growing up in a record store his father owned in Chicago. Think Bill Laswell meets Peanut Butter Wolf and you might get an idea of where this cat is coming from. Bare, simple, but never boring production. Crisp drums with a world flare on his sample and percussion choices, “Dis Song” may not be up to speed with the bass centered dance scene, but it’s a refreshing siesta anytime of day.

Dis Song (play/download mp3)

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Miss Kitten & The Hacker, “1982”

Miss Kitten and the Hacker’s “1982” may be a reference to the early days of techno, before it exploded on the European dance scene and the music and culture launched stars like Miss Kitten and her long-time collaborator The Hacker. “1982” helped springboard the electro-euro-pop scene in Europe and throughout the world.

1982 (play/download mp3)

Mikey Murka, “Sensi Addict”

Mikey Murka blesses the Mic on this release from German digital reggae crew Jahtari. The concept behind Jahtari is simple: they create DUB but with laptops. The result is what they call: Digital Laptop Reggae (DLR). Since 2004 this group has worked with MCs in Europe and all over the world. “Sensi Addict” showcases how proper digital rhythms works with traditional island-vocal stylings.

Sensi Addict (play/download mp3)

Like Your Bass Down Low? Do Tell!

Track titles and artist names say a lot. From an artist called Bass Down Low, what do you expect? “Do Tell.” Most excellent ‘lectroplasmic bleepotronic fibrulatin. That’s good, kittins. It’s funny, I’ve noticed with things like hip-hop, country music, or electronic club music, there’s always someone who REEALLY hates it. I think that’s often a sign of gr8 art. I love video game inspired early “syn drum” blip bass music. Enjoy it? Do tell!

Bass Down Low
“Do Tell” (download mp3)
from “Do Tell – Single”
“Do Tell” (play)
(Wobble Trouble)
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