Case you didn’t know, the West Coast rocks

I’ve heard people say that The Glitch Mob is past their prime; I can’t disagree. But with certified bangers like “The West Coast Rocks” as part of the Mob’s remix catalog, you really can’t fuck with them.

Matty G – “West Coast Rocks (The Glitch Mob Remix)” (play/download)

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Liquid Stranger dubs-it-up

Swedish-born, and currently living in US, Liquid Stranger’s low-end output ranges from dancefloor terrorizing dubstep all the way down to dreamy-ambient dub. “Deep Down Below” is s dubwize tune with enough whomp-whomp to keep the dubsteppers interested, and enough sonic gusto to keep fans with more grown-up tastes entertained.

Liquid Stranger
“Deep Down Below” (download mp3)
from “Steel Trap EP”
(Interchill Records)
Soundboy Killa (play)

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Bassnectar kills it – everytime!

Bassnectar – Superstylin’ Smashup (play)

Bassnectar is the greatest electronic producer/DJ of all time. No lie. Taking the art of sampling, production, and performance to heights that have never been conceived, yet alone executed. His live shows are mind-blowing productions that stay with the observer for weeks to come. Rejoice because the techno gods have officially sent us The Messiah.


Pretty dubstep

1000 BPH-Icelander

The zenith of dubstep’s popularity — and most importantly, it’s production-is now behind us. Now the genre must move forward, re-invent its self, and look for new answers. In steps 1000 BPH. Using some of the genre’s mainstays (stretched basslines and choppy synths), 1000 BPH looks beyond the argro hole that the genre build its self around by simmering the vibe in a dash of atmospherics and finishing the track with an electro touch.

1000 BPH
“Icelander” (mp3)
from “As Far As You Can Go – EP”

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Let it ride

Lokae & Touchphonics-Holding On (feat. Framework)

Lokae & Touchphonics’ remix of “Holding On” is a slick blend of the two de facto genre kings in The Bay Area: hyphy and dubstep. This track will pair nicely with fans of car-rap and people who enjoy the mellower less agitating elements of dubstep. No ass ramming basslines or nauseating synth loops to be found here. Now is the time to go roll yourself and blunt and get ready to slump.

Lokae & Touchphonics
“Holding On (feat. Framework)” (mp3)
from “Reborn of Thought (Touchphonics Remix) / Holding On”
(Elevated Press Records)

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6Blocc, A.K.A. RAW, still bringing it.

6Blocc (cause you can hear his bass from 6 blocks) has been a leading DJ/producer in the underground music world for over 20 years. Known for his skills at mashing together hip-hop, reggae, drum n’ bass, and dubstep. His skills can be compared to none, and his DJ mixes are some of the illest pieces of music in my collection.

“Traning Wheelz” (download mp3)
from “Foulplaydubstep Elite Forces”
“Training Wheelz”

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