Let’s speaker hump

After Subvert released “Speaker Humpin‘” anyone who was a fan of bass music or dubstep found out this artist was going to be making proper beats for the bass hungry masses. Now a couple of years have passed and the crew at Muti Music decided that this breakthrough record needs a remix makeover. “Speaker Humpin’ (Opiuo Remix)” sounds like it was taken out for a night at the fight club — returning home battered, bruised, and full of gusto.

Speaker Humpin’ (Opiuo Remix) (download mp3)
from “Speaker Humpin Remixed”
(Muti Music)
Speaker Humpin’ (Opiuo Remix)” (play)

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Mimosa’s new full-length, out now.

Mimosa is on fire right now. When he’s not touring with Pretty Lights, he’s in the studio pushing sonic boundaries and releasing music at a furious pace. He’s latest full-length, Silver Lining, is another notch in the electronic-music headboard, solidifying Mimosa’s spot as a contemporary bass music taste maker.

“Pushing Little Daisies” (download mp3)
from “Silver Lining”
(Muti Music)
Pushing Little Daisies (play)

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Dub Gabriel Tactile Evasion Tactics vs. Liquid Stranger

Dub Gabriel – “Tactile Evasion Liquid Stranger Remix” mp3

Seri0u$ly, what I L0v3 teh MO$T about this kind of music other than that it makes me wr!t3 liKe @ 12 yr old txting in clAsS is the SOUNDS! K, I’m all lovin’ the riddims here and the fresh vocal bites, but it’s the AUDIO quality of the digital madscape that I find sooooo invigorating. It’s not for everyone, I know. I have some friends who climb the walls when I play stuff like this. Barbarians. This is future dub in a big, HUGE PHAT WAY!! Whut u c iz whut u get. Go deh.

Dub Gabriel

“Tactile Evasion (Liquid Stranger Remix)” (mp3)

from “Restless Youth”

(Destroy All Concepts)

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Get your fist in the air

I wish Tim Ismag was making this kind of music when I was in junior high school. I lived in LA, and my friend had a low rider – a real sick one. It looked like it came off the cover of Low Rider Magazine, minus the Latin girl in a bikini. “Get the Party Started (feat. Prolific)” has that perfect blend of hip-hop lyrics over dirty beats that would have accentuated how cool we thought we where back then.

Tim Ismag
“Get the Party Started (feat. Prolific)” (download mp3)
from “Dance To Dubstep”
“Get the Party Started (feat. Prolific)” (play)

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Cold As Ice re-dub

I usually hate it when artists take a nostalgic pop tune from the eighties, that wasn’t even good back then, and try to turn them into dance-floor killers. Plus Foreigner is the worst; they make Boston look like The Beatles. Even with all that stacked against them, Specimen A manages to revive “Cold As Ice” from cheesy-arena rock into a dance-floor filler. Trust me, in 1 minute in you’re going to want to put your lighter in the air.

Specimen A, “Cold As Ice (play/download mp3)

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Hulk Goes All E-Tarded and Smashes Planet

Ecstasy. X. E. Wildly praised as a wonder drug, responsible for epic bouts of dancing, blissful grinning, and the random petting of strangers like big ol’ kittykats, it has a downside. Take too much of it, and you turn into an E-Tard. It’s like anything else, really. Too much of a good thing can become a bad thing. Hulk explains, over some exceedingly E-friendly basstarded beat-fornication.

“E-Tard” (download mp3)
from “Smash The Planet”
“E-Tard” (play)
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A Dub Gabriel invasion

If you go to a dubstep show at least 25% of the crowed are dreddies. Not the Grateful Dead kind, more like raver kind who smoke joints out in the smoking section of the club. With the dancehall intro, laser-beam bass line, and forest effects, “Tactile Evasion (Liquid Stranger Remix)” is sure to be a hit with that crowd. Or any crowd that’s into epic-swarming dubstep.

Dub Gabriel
“Tactile Evasion (Liquid Stranger Remix)” (download mp3)
from “Restless Youth”
(Destroy All Concepts)
Tactile Evasion (Liquid Stranger Remix) (play)

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Mean Streets

Project Midnight may be a newcomer on the bass music scene, but his productions show a maturity that’s anything but amateur. Recording for Fixed Music, Foulplay Dubstep, and running his own digi-label, Reboot Records, Project Midnight’s dubs are making the dubstep rounds including Beatport’s must-hear Dubstep tracks of the month. Take a little taste for yourself with “Mean Streets” a tune that goes from classic drum n’ bass to sweeping modern dubstep with total grace and ease.

Project Midnight, “Mean Street” (play/download mp3)

Hear more music from Project Midnight on his Myspace Page.

Yes I got my Swagga back

It’s Excision and Datsik’s personal mission to make music that people will go wild over. Released in 2009, “Swagga” has that “last year” dubstep feel: hard, dark and robotic. And if you don’t go wild over the vocal sample in “Swagga,” your ganster dial is currently turned to 0.

Swagga (play/download mp3)

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